Pirates also have Christmas spirit and ‘Home Alone’ is the most downloaded movie at Christmas


The classics never die and the best example of this is that ‘Home Alone’ has become the most pirated movie of this Christmas. Yes, the film that premiered on December 21, 1990 in Spain and that has 32 years behind it is the movie most requested by Internet users who refuse to pay subscriptions to streaming services.

And, is that, ‘Home Alone’ is in the catalog of Disney+ and, therefore, it can be seen from any device in case of having a subscription. But it seems that the standard-bearers of piracy are not up for the job and despite the ease of selecting it in the Disney+ catalog, they prefer to go through the illegal download process.

Of course, the situation is extremely curious. Just a few days ago ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ was released, the new great science fiction film by James Cameron and which continues the story of ‘Avatar’ released in 2009. It would be logical to think that this film It would be the most downloaded during this Christmas.

But the Christmas spirit fills the hearts of the pirates and instead of watching a story on a distant planet called Pandora, they prefer to see how Kevin McCallister, Macaulay Culkinis abandoned by his family on Christmas Eve and finds himself tasked with defending his home in the most ingenious way possible from two rather clumsy thieves.

Christmas has a fetish movie and it’s ‘Home Alone’

It is possible that Macaulay Culkin’s charisma as an actor in the most popular Christmas movie of recent times has made users prefer to spend their Christmas with this tape and not with ‘Avatar’. Maybe ‘Avatar: The Water Sense‘ is sweeping the box office, but not in the hearts of the people.

Leaving aside this fierce battle that doesn’t make any sense, classics like ‘Home Alone’ seem to be timeless. The list of most downloaded movies leaves other interesting candidates such as ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ in second place and ‘The Grinch’ in third position.

The three films have several years behind them and, still in this situation, they manage to find themselves on a rather conflicting podium.. In case you want to see any of these movies, the best thing you can do is use an infallible method with which to discover if they are available on the different existing platforms.


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