Operators that distance themselves from Movistar or Vodafone and do not raise their mobile rates in 2023


Since the beginning of 2022, prices have been rising non-stop. Both gasoline, electricity, gas, food… Life in this January 2023 is 10% more expensive than January 2022. Hence, almost all of us have lost purchasing power during this year.

Our colleagues from Business Insider tell us that the main operators in the country already have an action plan and in the coming days there will be increases in the prices of the telephone companies.

It is also true that it will not happen in all of them, but there are already some that have announced increases, others that are thinking about it and some that have already confirmed that, at least for now, they will continue to maintain prices.

Below we expose which operators raise their rates this 2023 and which maintain prices. Once we are clear about this, it will be our time as consumers to make the most difficult decision of the year: choosing a telephone company.


Movistar reaches almost 7% rise

Next Friday, January 13, Movistar will raise its rates and will do so by an average of 6.8%, according to a statement sent to its clients.

The main reason for this increase is due to the increase in costs in the sector and not due to inflation. This can be seen in the fact that this average is lower than the rise in the CPI, which is 8.4% in the last 12 months.

For example, Movistar Max (Essential+Football) will rise 5.7%, while Movistar Unlimited (Essential+Fiction with Netflix) will grow by 6.7%.

Vodafone Stand MWC

Vodafone can reach 6 euros of rise

On January 22, Vodafone will raise prices for a very simple reason: updating your packages in the face of escalating inflation.

To be exact, it has been calculated an increase of 4 euros on average in their rates. This translates into growth of 2.5 euros on average in mobile-only plans and 5.5 euros on average in the most complete plans.

The justification on the part of the British operator for this rate increase is that after 18 months without raising prices, it needs to cope with the rate of investment in network infrastructures and new services.

Telefónica has taken the increase in the CPI between September 2022 and October 2021 as a reference to set the volume of the increase.

Orange maintains prices

As for Orange, the company has said that it does not plan to raise prices, but there is a compelling reason not to: raised its rates in August last year.

There are still many months to go, but the most logical thing is that they maintain prices for their rates at least until August of this year, since the rates are usually valid for a minimum of one year.


MasMóvil thinks about it and DIGI discards it

MasMóvil has not specified its price policy for 2023 and although it has not clearly confirmed what movement they are going to make, Meinrad Spenger, CEO of the company, has hinted that the rate increase is “necessary”.

Finally, the fifth national operator, DIGI, has ruled out raising prices at the start of this new year. The reason, according to those responsible, is that an increase in their bills now would not be well received by their average customer profile. He is not without reason.


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