Now you can create music using AI: this is Riffusion


The Artificial intelligence It has been integrated into our lives in recent years and, in fact, the main example of this is the way in which mobile phones make use of AI to improve photographic or video results. Of course, in recent weeks there have been interesting advances in AI.

Among these advances, the IA Stable Diffusion has stood out above all, which allows images to be created from a written text in which you can even indicate the type of style you want to achieve in the image. Now what could be a kind of close relative called Riffusion has been released..

What is the name? This model of AI instead of creating images through text, what it does is create music. Yes, you read it right. Riffusion uses artificial intelligence to create songs, melodies and even tonal arrangements with a certain complexity. In addition, the most interesting thing about all this is that the result of what is generated is offered through spectograms.

The last word may not be familiar to you and, to be honest, normal since lThe spectrograms are graphical representations of the spectrum of the sound signal.. Is there music or not? Yes, although in order to listen to it, it is mandatory to translate the spectrogram into a sound signal that can be reproduced in any program.

AI and music hand in hand in Riffusion

The images in the form of a spectrogram have a fixed size, which means that there is a certain limitation regarding the duration of these audio tracks. The limit after the translation of the spectogram to sound is set to only 5 seconds in duration. It may not be too much, and therefore it will not compose a symphony.

But it is interesting because you can ask him to generate sounds of any type and with any instrument, in addition to the implementation of the type of musical genre that you want to achieve. Of course, this limitation of 5 seconds can be bypassed by asking the AI ​​Riffusion to create infinite content.

By asking this what Riffusion does is generate a musical loop that repeats itself, logically, to infinity. In case you want to try this new AI we leave you a direct link to the website. Of course, as Ted Crunch comments, its operation at the moment is quite slow since there are a huge number of users using it.


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