Now yes: Twitter says goodbye to the blue check mark if you are not subscribed


It seems that it will finally be today when Twitter is going to start the process of removing blue verified from all those accounts that are not subscribed to Twitter Blue.

A tweet from this past Wednesday makes it clear: Twitter is moving forward with plans to remove thousands of legacy verification checkmarks previously distributed to celebrities, politicians, journalists and others.

The company initially announced last month that legacy checkmarks would be removed on April 1. But like many deadlines promised by Elon Musk, the date came and nothing happened.

With all this, instead of going through a process to be verified, Anyone can get the blue checkmark added to their Twitter profile by paying $8 per month to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

It is not known if the blue check mark badges will disappear gradually or in one go. Since removing the badges is a “largely manual process,” according to The Washington Post, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some glitches in the process.

Now yes: goodbye to the check mark if you are not subscribed to Twitter Bue

A multitude of celebrities or relevant people who obtained verification before Elon Musk’s arrival on Twitter now have until April 20 —today— to subscribe to Twitter Blue or they will lose this badge.

The decision has certainly been controversial, with some applauding Elon Musk’s move as a push for equality on the site, and others expressing concern that the change could make it more likely for phishing accounts to proliferate. and the spread of misinformation.

With all this in mind, and given that paying for Twitter Blue has become something of a meme, to the point where Twitter has explored a feature to hide this check mark, it seems quite complicated that enough people subscribe so that Elon Musk pays off the 44 billion dollars who paid for Twitter.


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