Nothing is free: Microsoft will integrate advertising in Bing with ChatGPT


Bing search engine ads with ChatGPT: Microsoft wants its partners to integrate advertising into their search engine in order to increase their revenue.

It is clear that no type of technological product or service is free and, if it is, the user’s data is the currency to access these services. The last thing that has been seen and that has caused a lot of controversy is that Microsoft is looking for ways to bring ads to the Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

If he bing search engine which has gained tremendous popularity in recent weeks thanks to its integration with OpenAI’s conversational AI will now include ads. It’s nothing new for Microsoft and, in fact, just a few days ago a rumor came to light that the Windows 11 menu would contain advertising.

The controversy is served and it is the advertising in windows, tabs or even applications that always get negative reactions from users. Despite the fact that Microsoft has crossed out this novelty of advertising in the Windows 11 menu as a feature to improve notifications to the user in Windows.

The result is quite questionable since it basically looks like an advertisement that would be integrated into the Windows menu itself. Leaving aside this controversial integration, now it’s time to talk about Bing with ChatGPT and the possibility of integrating advertising so that users can see it when carrying out their activities.

Microsoft wants Bing with ChatGPT to integrate advertising

There is no clear plan on the table dictating how Bing search advertising will be integrated with ChatGPT. What has been seen is that Microsoft intends to do so And to achieve this, what it will do is offer different proposals that will fit better or worse when it comes to displaying ads to users in this search engine with Artificial Intelligence.

Among the different proposals there are several that, despite being quite intrusive, can work when displaying advertising. The first of these proposals is about showing a link or a phrase that indicates where the answer that the web page has shown has been obtained from. Artificial intelligence from OpenAI.

Logically, Microsoft seeks to increase its revenue and, therefore, get advertisers and partners to want to show their content within Bing with ChatGPT. We will have to wait to see how these proposals are carried out and, above all, how they are integrated into Bing with ChatGPT. In addition, it will also be necessary to take into account the responses of the users.


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