Mom’s Cool Viral WiFi Password Hack You’ll Want To Try, Too


He Wifi It is one of those essential elements in everyday life, and we are not only talking about a tool to study or work, but one that we already use for everything: watch movies, access the news, communicate with our loved ones and much more.

Unfortunately, if you have responsibilities to do, a Wi-Fi connection with unlimited data is probably your worst enemy, since it could distract you, and when it comes to young people, it is clear that their use of the Internet It is superior to the others, especially in applications such as social networks, highlighting TikTok and Instagram.

And when your kids refuse to do chores, preferring to sit online and ignore you, chances are you’re looking for a solution, and it looks like a mom has found it.

Now the message that a mother has left in the fridge has gone viral again, and that she comes to “invite” her children to clean the kitchen to give them the WiFi password as a reward.

In this image shared a few years ago and that has gone viral again, we can read that: “the wifi password today can be unlocked by texting a picture of a clean kitchen”.

He also adds that the photograph “should contain a box of cookies on the counter by the stove”, basically to prevent them from reusing photos, so it seems that this game had been done before.

This note has received thousands of likes with hundreds of comments from other parents or teens with different opinions.

We have opinions where they are delighted with this woman’s trick

I love it. This was my parenting technique. All my adult children have appreciated this“says another mother.

Another person wrote: “I love this mother… she has to hit them where it hurts the most!“.

I used to change the wifi password when my teenage son ‘forgot’ to listen to me. And it worked like a magic trick, his ears were good at hearing for a while after that.“A mother commented.

However, there are other people who saw many failures in this game

Lol my kids would take a screenshot of a clean kitchen and Photoshop a box of crackers. Then they would tell me that they TECHNICALLY met the requirements“replied one person.

Others point out the inconvenience and “hassle” of having to reset the WiFi password on all your devices again every time the hack is used.

It costs too much work to change the password every day. I changed it once and had to reset everything in my house. that was too much effort“says a detractor.

And then someone who even thought that the mother had to clean the kitchen and let her children play, that they are young for something: “That’s lazy controlling parenting. Unless you let your kids cook, go in there and set a good example and clean up the mess you made.” one person commented.


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