Mistakes that you are surely making that slow down your WiFi connection


When our Internet is slow, the first thing we do is blame the operator that provides us with Internet access, but it is likely that if your Internet is slow it is your fault rather than something external.

And it is that there are a series of errors that many people are making and that slow down or worsen the WiFi connection to Internetand they are usually errors that we can solve in a tremendously simple way in just a few minutes and that you will surely not make again.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy with Internet connectionbasically because we are not taking full advantage of the router or the modem.

So we are going to tell you about four mistakes that many people are making and that by solving them the Internet connection will be considerably improved.

The modem is not the same as the router

The modem is the box that carries the Internet connection to our own home and usually comes in the form of a cable connector on the wall.

He router It is that device that connects the modem and that distributes the Wifi all over our home.

With this clear, you will better understand the following errors.

Mistakes that you are surely making that slow down your WiFi connection

Don’t hide the router

As we said, the router is the device that distributes the Internet throughout our home. We must have it in the central place of our house, without any type of electronic device nearby and as far as possible from a wall.

It must be in a visible place, nothing to keep it in a drawer or closet, since if we keep it we will lose signal strength.

You should also avoid putting it next to other electronic devices such as a fish tank or a microwave, because there will be interference.

Do not leave it between several walls either, because then it will be more difficult for a stable connection to reach the rest of the home.

Do not be fooled by the operators with the speed of the Internet

In most cases, it is not necessary to contract an excessively high fiber speed, because it has been shown that each user only takes advantage of a minimum fraction of it.

In this way, fiber speeds greater than 300 MB are not necessary unless many people live in your house or you are professionally engaged in a job that requires a high connection speed.

It is recommended that you contract a basic Fiber plan, about 100 MB approximately, and if you see that you require more speed, then upgrade to a higher one.

You can buy your own router

Internet operators provide the router itself to the user, a router that we would have to return if we decided to unsubscribe from the service.

Although this can have some advantages, the routers that operators usually offer are not exactly the best on the market, so if you have your own router, your Internet speeds could be considerably improved and also security.

This last case is only if you can afford it, since in general the routers that Internet operators usually offer are usually acceptable.


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