Millions of homes around the world have the WiFi router placed in the wrong place


There may be many reasons why our Internet connection is not completely fast or stable, and curiously, most of the time it is the user’s own fault because they have not installed the router in the right place in their home.

That is why the people of Ritter Communications, via daily mail, have made a series of recommendations on placing the router in certain places of our house to favor the sign Wifi.

Specifically, they point out that we must place the router in the central place of our house so that the signal is well distributed, but it must be an open place and more than 1 m above the ground.

On the other hand, they do not recommend placing the router in the kitchen, because electrical appliances can cause interference.

Windows, closets, and tight spaces could slow down the signal. Also, building materials like plaster, brick, and plywood can impede signal progress, so find an open area to place your router.”, they affirm.

You should also place the router away from anything that is made of metal, since metal can decrease the signal of the router. Wifi.

Likewise, the WiFi signal is reduced as our device moves away from the router, so it is convenient that we not only put it in a central place in our house, but also that it is not too far from our work area.

Maybe it’s time to improve the speed

We must also make sure that we do not have intruders using our WiFi signal. Although it is no longer as common as a few years ago because practically everyone already has Internet connectionit is clear that if we are on a low floor it is likely that some people end up using our WiFi if we do not have a good password.

On the other hand, the more devices we have connected to our router, the less speed will reach each one of us, since it will be distributed among all of us.

In this way, if you see that you have many devices connected to your WiFi signal, you should talk to your operator to increase the speed of both upload and download.


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