Microsoft mistakenly activates the new Bing with ChatGPT: they have already tested it, and it can put Google in trouble


Some users have had access for a few minutes to the new Bing with ChatGPT integrated. And although it has disappeared quickly, they have been able to prove their Principal functions. Google’s search engine could be in trouble…

Microsoft is in a hurry to launch Bing with ChatGPT. He has been behind Google for many years on issues such as the search engine or the browser, and he knows that artificial intelligence gives him an advantage that, at the moment, Google does not have.

Microsoft has become the main ally of Open AI. He has invested 10,000 million dollars in it, and in return he is going to integrate ChatGPT into your applicationsfrom Bing up office. Open AIFor its part, it will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud to offer its services, both to free users and to the new paid version of ChatGPT Plus.

The new Bing with ChatGPT

A student named Owen Yin came across the new version of Bing with artificial intelligence when you opened your Microsoft Edge browser, without performing any kind of installation or update.

After a few minutes it disappeared, reverting to the old version, so it must have been a Microsoft activation failure. But Owen was able to try it for a while, and he explained how does it work in Medium. The Verge has located two other people who were also able to prove this false premiere.

The new Bing will integrate ChatGPT turning the search box into a chat:

Bing with ChatGPT

The AI invites you to “ask anything“. Not only does it search, but you can ask it recommendations, opinionsand even that analyze a product. The question or request can have a maximum size of 1,000 characters.

An advantage over ChatGPTthe thing is is updated with current informationwhile the first one only has information up to 2021. Although it will be updated shortly with the GPT-4 version.

Owen Yin also explains that this Bing with ChatGPT indicates the sources of informationan important novelty that does not have ChatGPT or image-generative AIs like Stable Diffusion.

The new Bing with AI goes far beyond the functions of a search engine, as we have already seen with ChatGPT. You can give it information such as “I want to spend the weekend in the mountains spending only 100 euros”, and it will draw a route for you, it will find you a hotel and a place to eat, that does not add up to more than 100 euros.

Like ChatGPT, she also writes poems, thank you speeches, class projects, and in short, anything you can think of. It is not surprising that the creator of Gmail himself has said that in one or two years the AI ​​will retire the Google search engine.

But, of course, Google is not going to sit idly by. He is already working on more than 20 AIs, and his alternative to ChatGPT is ready. He has announced a presentation event for February 8th.

Bing with ChatGPT it seems that it has taken the lead, but Google will soon launch its own version. What seems increasingly clear is that the Internet browser are about to change forever.


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