Microsoft introduces its GPT-4-powered cybersecurity assistant


Microsoft already has a new tool powered by the latest OpenAI large language model, GPT-4, which will help the cybersecurity industry to identify attacks more easily and quickly.

Microsoft already has a tool to help cybersecurity professionals identify breaches, signs of threats and better analyze the data, using the latest OpenAI GPT-4 generative artificial intelligence model.

The company has confirmed that the tool, named Security Copilotcombines the big language model—GPT-4—with a specific Microsoft security model that leverages its unique global threat intelligence reported from 65 trillion signals daily.

In short, the tool is nothing more than a notice box that will display answers to questions about data breaches and other security issues in a similar way to other AI-powered tools that are open for public preview.

“Security Copilot is the first and only AI generative security product that enables defenders to move at the speed and scale of the artificial intelligencesaid Microsoft Security Corporate Vice President Vasu Jakkal.

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Security Copilot, the chatbot that will notify you of any cybersecurity problem

Microsoft said that Security Copilot “It will simplify complexity and amplify the capabilities of security teams” by providing them with summaries and making sense of threat intelligence,” helping those who work in cybersecurity to quickly identify any problem.

For example, you can ask Security Copilot about a recent security breach and it can deliver a report/response after summarizing incidents and analyzing vulnerabilities.

“Today, the odds continue to be stacked against cybersecurity professionals. Too often, they wage an asymmetrical battle against relentless and sophisticated attackers,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of Microsoft Security.

The company said that Microsoft Security is tracking more than 50 ransomware gangs, as well as more than 250 unique cybercriminal organizations from selected countries, and receives 65 trillion threat signals every day, so it is more than necessary to invest in this aspect.

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It claims that its technology blocks more than 25 billion brute-force password stealing attempts every second. He added that the company’s more than 8,000 security professionals analyze more security signals than almost any other company.

As you already know, this launch comes amid a series of announcements from Microsoft to integrate artificial intelligence into its most popular offerings.

The company has tried to outperform its competition through multimillion-dollar investments in ChatGPT’s owner, OpenAI, which recently released GPT-4 to do a variety of tasks, from building a real website to giving you recipes after showing you a picture of the ingredients.

Security Copilot is currently available via private preview, as reported by Microsoft. At the moment, more information is unknown about the prices of this new tool based on artificial intelligence.


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