Microsoft goes for Google: integrates ChatGPT in Bing, and you can try it now


Microsoft just introduced the new search engine Bing with ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence integrates with searches, and turns a seeker almost evicted, in the most popular right now.

Starts a new career by internet supremacy, and Google part two. Meta is not there, nor is it expected. Search engines with artificial intelligence are the new online revolution.

As it was leaked a few days ago, Microsoft has invested 10,000 million dollars in OpenAI to sign an alliance with which integrate ChatGPT in your applications and services. Today has announced Bing and Edge integrationbut soon artificial intelligence will also reach office.

Bing with artificial intelligence, year zero

Today is a new day for seekers“said Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, during the presentation. A whole statement of intentsThey don’t hide anyone.

The artificial intelligence makes all search engines have become outdated and boring starting today, including Google’s. Return to the starting boxand now the fastest has the advantage.

The integration of ChatGPT in Bing means now we can chat with the search engine, using natural language. We can ask it for anything, and the AI ​​will carry out the necessary searches, and in addition to presenting the classic list of results, a chat will appear to the right where it will make us a summary of what was found:

Bing with ChatGPT

He chat it will help us refine searches, ask him to change something, and adjust what we want. The advantage of using an AI is that we don’t have to be specific. Or we can ask you to work for us.

Accept questions as vague as: “Help me plan my anniversary trip”, “What activities can my son do”, “I need a powerful and cheap computer”. “tell me which mobile is the best for less than 300 euros”.

Instead of you having to do multiple searches, artificial intelligence can do it for you. Tell him “recommend recipes with things that everyone has at home”, and he will offer several step-by-step recipes with simple ingredients. The difference with a search engine is that if the stepper does not exist, it will create it itself.

In some cases you may need more information, so will ask you questions in the form of chat. For example “Do you have tomatoes at home?”, “Do you know how to use the oven?”:

Bing with ChatGPT

with the new Bing with artificial intelligence You don’t just do searches. You can be creative and create text-based content

For example, you can ask: “Write a poem that rhymes with the word tapioca” or “write me a letter to break up with my girlfriend.” And if, he will also do your homework: “write me a summary of the book “The Little Prince” that looks like it was written by a 15-year-old boy” or “write a Python code to read the contents of an SD card”.

Microsoft has said during the presentation that his AI, called Prometheusis based on an improved version of GPT 3.5, with updated data today. He only uses verified and truthful sources, although he warns that AI can draw its own conclusionsand offer results that are not correct. So don’t trust blindly.

ChatGPT, also on Edge

The Edge browser is also going to integrate artificial intelligencewith two completely new functions.

With chat you can ask the AI ​​to make you a summary of the text of a website you’re looking at, extract the relevant financial data and save it to a PDF, or compare the results with those of rival companies.

The function compose he is able to write posts for blogs and social networkswith the topics that you indicate:

Edge with ChatGPT

The new Bing with ChatGPT It can already be tested on, but only with 3-4 pre-made examples. There you can sign up for one waiting listand it will be your turn sooner if you use Microsoft apps as default apps in Windows…

The possibilities are so immense that the traditional search engines they just became obsolete. Google knows this, and that’s why it presented Bard yesterday, its alternative to ChatGPT. But it is late, because it has not yet been integrated into the search engine.

Search Engine

The big losers are Elon Muskfounder of OpenAI, who sold its shares to Microsoft when ChatGPT was just an experiment, and Goallost in its metaverse that does not interest anyone, and without any artificial intelligence proposal for now.

Microsoft has come out first in the race of the new seekers with artificial intelligenceto the integrate ChatGPT in Bing. Google will not take long to react, but it no longer has any advantage. They all start from scratch and will have to prove that their AI is better than Bing’s. Welcome to a new era…


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