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Gold accessories are the ones that set the trend the most, not only in this 2022, but in any season. The reason is that the golden color offers a special shine that illuminates the face and the integral image of the person who wears them.

Of course, the design is important, because it must tell a story. It is essential that you can identify yourself with the choice of your accessoriesfeeling that they reflect part of your emotions and your personality.

If it is a gift, you want that special person to understand what it means to you, and if you choose them to take them yourself, it is because their design has cast a spell on you at first glance. It is there where the magic of a good accessory designer happens.

A gold bath to shine

Maria Pascual is a jewelry designer with a vision that soars and sparks more than just creativity. She presents her collections, with options of gold plated necklacesearrings, chains and more, with a philosophy that aims to allow whoever wears them to express themselves freely.

To create her pieces, she is inspired by the mystical, nature, travel, art, vintage and the beautiful city of Barcelona. The result is a timeless jewelry collection that fits perfectly to the vanguard of each time and that can be worn by whoever falls in love with it.

For her, people’s love for her work is what motivates her the most, as well as her passion for her art and the maximum enjoyment she puts into each idea when she carries it out. That is why the result offers a special charm that falls in love at first glance.

What do we find in the jewelry of María Pascual?

We find themes inspired by nature such as moons, stars and butterflies. Also a lot of magic and mysticism for horoscope lovers. The sacred is very present in the great variety of crosses and medals.

We also found elegance, delicacy and style and the reflection of great love and respect for life and the planet, especially in the materials used to create each piece. But the most important thing is that we find an opportunity to express ourselves freely, to feel identified without any kind of barriers, to choose to be who we are and show it openly.

beautiful jewelry for everyone

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the jewels Maria Pascual it refers precisely to the fact that they are designed so that everyone can identify with them. In other words, among the collections you will find something that seems made perfectly for you.

For the designer, jewels are loaded with personal and intimate meanings that people choose to give them, according to their emotions. That is why he feels that each design is dedicated to that feeling that jewels arouse in whoever wears or gives them as gifts.

Their designs are delicate and with a very elegant style. You can find elaborate chokers in different thicknesses, with or without stones, perfect for combine with necklaces and create a beautiful layeringwhich is one of the trends that is causing the most furore.

Rings are not far behind, just like earrings. The proposals are a perfect balance between the classic and the avant-gardeturning your choice into a piece that you can use for a long time.

Excellent quality with love for the planet

The jewels made by María Pascual not only carry a job where great dedication is appreciated. They also offer great qualityguarantee that you are acquiring a piece that will last for a long time.

The gold is 18 or 24 carats, no less, but that’s not all. It is a material that has been obtained in a way Respectful with the environmentalways thinking about the well-being and future of the planet and reflecting love for life.

Another detail that makes María Pascual’s jewels bear this important feeling is the fact of knowing that the artist makes sure minimize the impact that the jewelry industry can leave on the planet.

For example, they present their garments in bags natural fiber and instead of plastics, they use recycled carbon in their work. If you are going to leave a mark, let it be a positive one for the planet and for those who wear your jewelry.


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