Lucid Mode: Opera’s functionality to enhance images and videos


Opera is a browser that has been standing up to Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari for several years. Among its main features is having a huge variety of special functions that are useful throughout the day, in addition to the fact that from time to time they integrate new useful features.

Today they have released Lucid Mode which, although it may seem like the title of a song, It is a feature that allows you to change the quality of photos and videos automatically; making it really easy to increase the quality of this content and all without the need for specific or external programs.

And, is that, Lucid Mode is integrated into the Opera browser, being one more addition to all its features. Of course, this is not the only functionality that will come to Opera since the browser plans include integrating a series of features throughout 2023 and this being the first to launch the browser.

Leaving this clear, we are going to see how Lucid Mode works and, above all, the uses that can be given to this new functionality that is being launched Opera. The first thing to note that this feature is available in the latest browser update for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Lucid Mode: improve the quality of photos and videos from the Opera browser

There is absolutely nothing to do to enjoy this feature in the browser and, in fact, you just have to keep it up to date. Lucid Mode will appear automatically when videos from a huge number of platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are opened and it will only be necessary to click on this floating button for everything to start.

The floating button lucid mode it will achieve that all images have greater sharpness and clarity, allowing them to be seen in the best possible way. On a general level, the mode of use is extremely simple and, logically, this should encourage users to use this feature in their day to day.

In addition, the quality of the images displayed on web pages can also be improved. This feature makes it possible to make general browsing a most pleasant experience and, above all, to have a more precise vision of what these images want to represent within the different web pages on the Internet.


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