Looking for IPTV broadcast trackers with a large salary and good conditions


The MPA Global Content Protection team and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) are on a mission to crack down on video content piracy and those behind it.

The job advertisements reveal openings at the MPA for OSINT researchers, and one of the positions specifies that the candidate must have IPTV experience. Making it clear where the shots go.

In the war of piracy there is no single scenario, but in general pirates need their services to remain visible at all times while they themselves remain invisible.

The challenge for MPA/ACE researchers is almost exactly the opposite. Find a chink in the armor, gather information, and then exploit every resource possible to remove the anonymity of the agents who profit from the IPTV.

For this reason, the MPA wants to add two more people to its Global Content Protection team to help obtain evidence that exposes these pirates on the Internet.

A very complex job to end pirated applications

Gathering information about pirate services and who runs them can be relatively easy, but that’s only part of the job.

Any specific intelligence collected can also be used more broadly, requiring the candidate to elaborate”forensically sound and actionable investigative reporting“, they explain in the job offer.


After obtaining information about a target, you have to decide how to proceed. And it is that as pirate services disappear or are dismantled, new ones usually appear. The selected candidate will have to proactively search for potential future targets and analyze them.

The skill is to identify the growth potential of a new site, based on currently available factors. fight against piracy of the IPTV it’s really difficult and ending it seems impossible… for the moment.


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