Keys to combine clothes and jewelry in an elegant way


Acquiring a fashionable garment that is liked by the person in question is a very important first step to feel good about herself, although in case its objective is to pretend to radiate elegance through all the porethere is still one step left: put on a piece of jewelry.

Of course, not just any jewel. It is essential that it combine well. Only then will the ensemble turn out to be elegant. But the truth is that there are many users who they do not know how to combine textile elements and jewelry products in a successful way. Is it also your case? Then pay attention to the following keys, which will be of invaluable help.

The colored stone earrings give a lot of play to combine colors

It is common to think that, when combining fashion and jewelry, the most important thing is to opt for one or the other elements such as necklaces, earrings and rings depending on the shape of the item of clothing. Although it is true that this aspect must also be taken into account, as we will see later, it is essential to look first at the colors.

Obtaining an elegant result is impossible if the colors do not match each other. Luckily, there is a type of jewel that is ideal for the combination of tones. We refer to colored stone earrings, such as those you can find in the Lineargent store.

Elegance is given not only by how well the colors of the clothes match the colors of the earrings, which are available in a multitude of different shades. As if that were not enough, it is also the result of the material from which they are made. Specifically we talk about a smooth silver that proceeds to bathe in normal gold or in what is known as rose golddepending on the visual result that is intended to be obtained.

It is worth highlighting the fact that the catalog of colored stone earrings is vast. This is demonstrated by the existence of other models that are made with materials that are also synonymous with elegance in its purest form, being a clear example of this the knobs that have not only zircons, but also adamantines.

These are the most elegant combinations depending on the type of garment that is worn

Getting the color right is essential, but it doesn’t end here. And it is that it is of little use to hit the nail on the head with the tones if, at the moment of truth, the jewel does not fit well with the type of garment that is worn. Keep in mind that certain pieces of jewelry in particular appear to have been made to match certain clothes.

For example, depending on the material, it is better to opt for specific jewelry. Going back to the stones, if they have a considerable volume it is not advisable to wear them if you decide to wear a velvet garment. But what if it’s wool? In that case those that have relief and that are quite large are ideal.

Now it’s time to talk about dresses, some of the ones that elegant women tend to like the most: those that are quite low-cut and their shape is rounded. In this case, Mentioning the earrings again, they should be rather discreet. For its part, in case of wearing a necklace it is essential that it be as close as possible to the neck area.

Finally, now that the cold is starting to arrive, we must bring up both the sweaters and the jackets. This type of fashion items that are rather thick combine well with brooches, which on the contrary do not fit well with thin garments. If you apply this and the other keys that we have described, you will be very elegant.


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