Jewelry trends for winter weddings 2022


Winter weddings are becoming more popular every day. During the Christmas season both illusion and magic are present. A perfect, emotional and charming moment for couples to take the initiative to get married and consolidate their alliance.

Clearly, the outfit for this occasion must be different, as well as the accessories that accompany it. But, What are the jewelry trends for weddings in winter 2022? Discover the answer in the following lines.

An opportunity to look spectacular

Finding the perfect suit to wear to a winter wedding can be a real challenge. In principle, you should keep in mind that the look varies depending on the time of the meeting.

if you are part of The guests, and unless there is a dress code, you can bet on the alternatives that most appeal to you. Remember to include elements of protection against the cold such as coats, closed shoes, gloves or others that you consider appropriate.

On the other hand, brides and grooms who get married in winter have the opportunity to look gorgeous. They will include unique suits adapted to low temperatures in their attire, without forgetting that comfort is the most important thing.

In either case, everyone involved needs to add a special touch to stand out: The jewerly. However, this is no longer a problem. In Dark Diamond You will find a wide collection of accessories made from the best materials and with simply impeccable finishes.

Jewelry that adapts to every outfit

The outfit will be a determining factor of the type of jewel to select. Both the guests and the bride and groom need to include discreet objects that stand out naturally. That they are capable of projecting a glamorous style worthy of the occasion.

Getting the balance is essential. Avoid overloading parts and excessive brightness. It is preferable that the jewelry is sober and discreet. Always according to the colors used, types of garments, hairstyle and even skin tone. Try different options and select those that best suit you.

Currently, white silver or white gold jewelry is a trend. Minimalist bracelets, short earrings and chokers with a small pendant combine with light-colored garments and add a lot of style.

The vintage style in white gold and diamonds are options that never go out of style. Similarly, jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation often offers an authentic, special, and personalized touch.


the earrings are important accessories of the look. In the market you will find an extensive list of options. Make sure they match perfectly with your silhouette and face.

The weather conditions will determine the wardrobe. The necklines of the dresses are usually a little more closed. In these cases, smaller earrings will look better. The idea is that they do not look overloaded in the neck or face area.

At a party, pearl earrings, hoop earrings or other slightly more daring styles such as those that include zircons, very shiny synthetic stones that really stand out, will look great.


Another charming detail that cannot be ignored are bracelets. You can choose them from different materials and formats. They should fit in with the rest of the accessories. If you wear a long sleeve, thin ones are best.

If your dress is half-sleeved or short, you can choose the widest ones, with rhinestones, metal or pearls. Use one or several depending on the wardrobe. Men also tend to add this element to their outfit.

The necklaces

they are always a interesting focal point. A determining aspect of its use will be the shape of the neck of the dress. Long chokers look good on V-necks. If the style is flat, it is suggested to choose jewelry that fits around the clavicle.

Sometimes you’ll look great with just a small motif on a thin chain. Another marked trend consists of using a complete set that includes both the necklace, the bracelet and the earrings. Playing with these elements will make you look elegant and, at the same time, with a perfect touch of simplicity.


The alliances are quintessential wedding jewelry. They represent the promise of love, the symbol of union and reciprocal delivery. It is recommended to opt for models that adapt to your daily style, remember that you will use this accessory for more than one day.

Find something that fits the couple. Currently, silver-colored wedding rings are emerging very well as an alternative to gold. Those with geometric details, the thin ones and of course the minimalist ones are also in fashion.

Likewise, the two-tone proposal that integrates golden gold with matt white gold continues to gain ground. A novelty in the sector that is found in different shapes and designs.


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