I’ve spent a week testing all 3 Bing personalities and I already have my favorite


After the inclusion of the 3 new personalities in the Bing chatbot, it was necessary to be able to experience them and know if there really are big differences between one and the other and which one you should use in your day to day.

Bing Chat is an AI-powered assistant based on an advanced Long Language Model (LLM) developed by OpenAI. A key feature of Bing Chat is that you can search the web and incorporate the results into your responses..

Microsoft announced Bing Chat on February 7, and shortly after its launch, users discovered that the bot could be convinced to threaten them. Not long after, Microsoft drastically reduced this whole Bing Chat problem by imposing strict limits on the length of conversations.

Since then, the company has been experimenting with ways to bring back some of the personality in this chatbot for those who wanted it, but also allow other users to search for more precise answers. This resulted in the new three option “conversation style” interface.

Microsoft details the three different personality types as:

  • More creative: “The answers are original and imaginative, creating surprise and entertainment for you”.
  • More balanced: “Responses are reasonable and coherent, balancing precision and creativity in conversation”.
  • More precise: “Responses are factual and concise, prioritizing accuracy and relevance to you”.

Microsoft believes that these different chat mode options will be available to users of Bing who can access the chat function. It also added a shortcut to the Bing chat feature in the native Windows 11 search bar.


Bing’s Creative, Balanced, and Accurate mode put to the test

According to Microsoft employee Mikhail Parakhin, changing modes in Bing Chat changes fundamental aspects of the bot’s behavior, including switching between different chat models. artificial intelligence who have received additional human response training upon their departure.

Generalizing, in our experiments with all three styles, you notice that “Creative” mode produces shorter (sometimes) and quirkier suggestions that aren’t always factually safe or helpful. Well it’s true that the answers really are more creative or original although somewhat extensive (in this case) if asked to build a story.


Of course, fun is guaranteed with this mode. Furthermore, the creative tone also seems to be more intelligent and somewhat emotional. So to speak, it seems that he even cares about you.

Note in this section that unexpected inaccuracies (hallucinations) increase in frequency with greater “creativity”, which generally means that the AI ​​model will deviate more from the information it acquired in its dataset. This is his big handicap, but it is to be expected if he starts to go too long with his answers.


The “Precise” mode, on the other hand, He is too cautious when it comes to providing answers. Perhaps he is the weakest of the three since on many occasions he will refuse to delve into certain topics.

Of course, as its name indicates, the results will be more concrete although, of course, and in the case of generating stories, quite weak. Here perhaps your potential lies in asking for lists or advice that you can list without going too far around the bush.


The “Balanced” mode, finally, often produces longer responses with the most detailed search results and website citations. So to speak, a much more complete style. This tone It is quite useful when you request information of some kind, advice or opinion, as long as it does not go against the principles of the chatbot.

It usually presents more polite responses (although the rest of the tones do too) but, in the case shown below and, if you compare it with the rest of the tones, the truth is that the result raises more neutral ideas.


In the specific case of asking him to generate a story, it is true that he loses the grace and madness of the creative way, but it really makes for a more apt answer if you want to use it as a story idea of ​​your own.

Note that the technology giant has set the default mode of the Bing chatbot to balanced, which is expected to strike the right balance between precision and creativity and is actually something that is perfectly perceived when testing them.

That being said, Microsoft is still imposing a limit of 15 chats per shift and 100 chats per day for the new Bing (after some improvements). Therefore, you will not be able to have long conversations with the chatbot to try to get it out of its comfort zone. However, the company plans to improve Bing’s ability to hold long conversations over time.


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