Instagram releases news and one of them is a copy of BeReal


Instagram wants to continue being the social network for photos and videos par excellence, even if it has to copy features from other applications to do so. In recent weeks we have seen how BeReal rose to the position of the social network of the moment, making the balance of popularity turn in its favor.

Instagram’s response to this situation is to launch a series of features that are an almost perfect copy of the best social media and app functionality. There are three novelties that have been announced today: groups, Candid Stories and Notes. We are going to see in detail the operation of these Instagram news.

Candid Stories is the functionality that looks directly at BeReal. This feature can be translated as a kind of true stories And, it is that, it wants users to show their followers what they are doing at a specific moment and, above all, that they are authentic when carrying out this action.

The operation is identical to that of BeReal, users receive a notification which tells them that they have to capture the moment in which they are and publish it in their stories so that the rest of the users who have published this type of story can see that photograph. At the moment it is in the testing phase.

News on Instagram to get BeReal out of the way

The next feature that has been integrated into Instagram is the new groups. This functionality allows multiple users to create posts or stories within a profile shared by multiple people.making what is published become part of what could be considered a kind of community within Instagram.

Added to the groups is the possibility of creating shared collections among several users, having access to all the contents that have been saved within these collections. The last feature is the Notes and, to be honest, it is something that is strange within an application such as Instagram where

These notes can have a maximum length of 60 characters and they are published within the message tray, they also have a duration of one published day or 24 hours. It is strange since it is too similar to the statuses found in WhatsApp, now it will be necessary to see if this feature works and users use it on a daily basis in a normal way.


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