Instagram is increasingly looking like Facebook: GIFs arrive in the comments section


The latest news from Instagram arrives to convert the social network for photos and videos into the new Facebook in the comments section.

Instagram continues to update at a dizzying rate and even though the app has more and more elements, the experience remains the same. In the last few hours, a feature that comes from Facebook has been presented. Yes, Meta does not hide her intentions to match her social networks so that the sensations are the same in all of them.

The new thing that has landed on Instagram is the possibility of replying to a message by sending a GIF. Yes, this is the biggest news that has come to Instagram this week. Those of Meta may have tired of innovation or simply do not want to listen to users of the social network who have been asking for a change for years.

Well, it is not the only novelty that has been integrated into Instagram throughout this week. There is also the possibility that a creator invites another to a channel in order to communicate in a general way with his followers. Yes, another functionality intended for a specific group of people on Instagram.

The reality of the social network leaves much to be desired due to the fact that users have less and less prominence. This is one of the main problems of Instagram today along with the fact that changes have been made in the way the algorithm works or that new features from other social networks have been implemented.

Instagram allows you to reply to a comment with GIF as a great novelty

Yes, we look carefully at the Instagram Stories that came to compete with Snapchat or the Reels that are a shameless copy of the short videos from TikTok. Instagram Stories may have caught on within the social network, but they are still a copy of something launched by another company and that became popular too quickly.

Instagram has not had an original idea for several years, which is a problem for the company and for all those people whose main base of income comes from the social network. In previous months, functionalities aimed at companies or companies that offer products have been implemented, making the social network almost a point of sale.

At the moment we will only be able to express complaints through GIFs in the comments section of anyone. We will have to see what will be the next novelty launched by Meta for this social network that, unfortunately, rewards videos instead of photographs.


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