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Starting to exercise is one of the most classic resolutions on the New Year’s list. But, you don’t have to wait for a new season to train, with the indoor sports you can have fun and at the same time keep fit.

In addition, these types of activities are good for those who do not want to go running or ride a bike, because they can be done from home or in closed sports centers. Are you already bored exercising outdoors and want a new way to move your body? I invite you to meet and practice indoor sports.

What are indoor sports?

The best indoor sports 2022Indoor sports are physical activities that take place in closed spaces. Surely, you have heard about indoor sports, but you did not know that they were classified in this way.

Basketball, volleyball, spinning, futsal, climbing and many others fall within this branch. This type of practice is perfect to keep you active throughout the year, since it is done indoors and the weather does not affect its performance.

During the winter, indoor sports are ideal, as the sports facilities are usually acclimatized, isolating the cold and avoiding very low temperature peaks.

The best indoor sports 2022

There is a wide variety of indoor sports, however, in this 2022 there were some disciplines that stood out more than others, I leave them below:

Spinning or indoor cycle

The spinning consists of pedal a stationary bike. It is considered a high intensity activity in which many calories are burned by changes in speed and resistance. Many gyms offer a modality called indoor party cycle, in which they place images, music and light play to motivate the participants and have a fun time.

Benefits of spinning

In addition, being very entertaining, spinning provides us with numerous benefits to our health:

    • Strengthening of muscle groups: the lower body is mainly worked, that is, the legs and the buttocks. Although it also involves secondary muscles such as the arms, back and abdomen.
    • High caloric expenditure: the higher the heart rate, the more calories are being burned. The indoor cycle is a cardiovascular training that raises the pulse and increases the metabolism, favoring the loss of fat.
  • Improves blood circulation: This aerobic exercise strengthens the heart, so each beat becomes more powerful and can move more blood to the rest of the body. As a result, the heart rate decreases, venous return is enhanced, and blood pressure is reduced.
  • Sense of well-being: The indoor cycle, being a high-intensity activity, helps us to eliminate stress and, therefore, reduces anxiety, producing a pleasant sensation of well-being and mental relaxation.

functional training

This kind of exercises are completely adapted to the physical capacity of each person. During training, a series of movements focused on tone up muscles and strengthen joints.

Most gyms offer this modality, but there are also sports centers dedicated solely to functional training.

Benefits of functional training

  • Improves back posture
  • Optimize sports performance
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Enhances cardiovascular functions
  • Eliminate body fat
  • Strengthens the muscles globally


  What are indoor sports?This year many women dared to practice boxing to improve their health and shape their silhouette. This sport is one of the oldest in history, and also one of the most attractive, because at boxing exercises your whole bodyin addition to strengthening your physical and mental health.

Reasons to train boxing

  • It is a varied indoor sport: It not only teaches you physical but mental prowess, as you need both to get into the ring and take down your opponent.
  • Helps you tone and define your figure: When you practice boxing, your body exercises absolutely all the muscles, making physical activity greater compared to other indoor sports. A single training routine can have more benefits than training your muscles for a week separately.
  • Boost your confidence and reflexes: Boxing is a sport that requires self-confidence to learn to hit and not be hit by your opponent. Along with this you not only work to improve physical conditions and develop skills, you also do it to sharpen your cognitive intelligence.


 What are indoor sports?This is one of the indoor sports most practiced by celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian, Madonna and even Ricky Martín are fans of this discipline that combines mind, body and spirit.

In a Pilates session, specific low-impact movements are made in order to increase flexibility and strengthen muscles. There are pilates centers with specialized machinesbut you can also practice from home with the guidance of an app or tutorial.

Why practice pilates?

Pilates can help you manage insomnia, relaxes you, increases flexibility and generates greater awareness of your body and mind. Its greatest advantage is that it does not generate pressure on the joints, so it can be practiced by people with joint problems, who are overweight or obese.

Which of the indoor sports do you like the most? If you want to start exercising, don’t forget to accompany sports activities with a good diet.


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