In this place of your house you should never place the WiFi router


When our Internet connection is slow, we blame the operator or directly the router WiFi, but sometimes a bad position or an incorrect situation of our router in the home can be the main culprit.

And now from Virgin Media, via The sun, they are giving a series of tips so that we choose the best place in the house for our router Wifisomething that will avoid connection drops or that our Internet go slower than normal.

According to the provider, the main mistake that many consumers are making when placing their router at home, is to leave it in a place where it is close to other appliances.

In this way, you should not only avoid putting the router near other appliances, but you should also avoid placing it in places like the kitchen.

“It’s not just electronic devices that interfere with the WiFi signal – metal can also wreak havoc on the connection. Kitchens often house heavy metal appliances as well as signal-emitting electronics like microwaves, making them a particularly inhospitable environment for the router,” Virgin Media says.

To improve the connection and always have maximum speed, they recommend leaving it in the center of the home and away from large objects. In addition, they also state that we should avoid leaving our router near mirrors and fish tanks, since they also interfere with the signal.

Other tips for locating the router

In addition to the previous ones that we have exposed you should never store the router inside a closet or any other placesince this can end up blocking the signal.

On the other hand, never turn off the router during the night and turn it on when you wake up, because not only will you have missed the security updates that are usually made at night, but you could break the router.

Finally, it is recommended that you have the router in an upright position instead of lying down, so you will always get the fastest speeds on the Internet.


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