Hundreds of websites do not work if you have Movistar or O2: this is how you can solve it


Hundreds of websites of all kinds are inaccessible since yesterday afternoon for users of Movistar, o2and some OMV who use the telephone network. Let’s see a way to fix it.

Around 8:00 p.m. yesterday, Saturday, December 17, hundreds of websites stopped workingr suddenly for Movistar users and o2. The incomprehensible thing is that almost 24 hours later, they are still inactive.

These pages, from news websites to shops and other services, are shown to be inaccessible, as if they were down.

But it is not a web problem, but some kind of connection failure between CloudFlare and the Telefónica network.

How to fix CloudFlare bug with Movistar and O2 users

Many companies hire security services and cache with CloudFlare, and their websites are just the ones that are failing. nor her own CloudFlareneither MovistarThey have explained what is going on. But it is not normal that such a serious failure lasts almost 24 hourssince 20 hours yesterday.

Not even changing the DNS of Movistar or o2 to those of Google or its own cloudflarethe problem can be fixed.

The only solution is use a VPN or virtual private network. The VPN changes your IP address to one that is not from Movistar, and you can now access all the websites.

Any free VPN will do, but make sure it’s trustworthy. You can use the free vpn that are included in the Opera or Epic Privacy Browser, or WARP browsers.

Hundreds of websites do not work for users of Movistar and o2. We will update the news when CloudFlare or Movistar explain what is happening, or when it is fixed. UPDATE: It seems that the problem has been fixed.


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