How to install a ChatGPT-style conversational AI locally and for free


If you haven’t been in a cave for a year, you’re probably familiar with the term AI or ChatGPT. We are talking about a conversational artificial intelligence that has been democratized and is capable of offering an extraordinary level of conversation and knowledge. Now, what if you want to have a conversational AI without the need to be connected to the Internet or share your conversations? Let’s see how to install GPT4All for free.

Today anyone can use OpenAI’s ChatGPT in a web browser on any device connected to the Internet. In fact, there are even many mobile applications that are integrating its support.

Now, what if you want to be able to use this type of technology without going through the use of that platform or needing an Internet connection?

If you think about why I would need that if it works from the web browser, we leave you several reasons such as that it runs locally, whether or not there is an Internet connection.

And second, and by no means least, you don’t need an OpenAI account nor go through the hoop of sharing data with the company, its privacy policy, wow.

There is an alternative called GPT4All that works very similar to ChatGPT, it has been trained with the group of models LLaMA 7B. It has been developed by the company which can be installed locally, you only need 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.

How to install Chat4All on your computer

As is the case with the whole AI theme and the latest advances, there is a guide from the company to do everything from the Terminal of your computer, either Windows, Linux or Mac. In that guide the trained model LLaMA 7B is used and has a secret mode without filter for the AI.

However, they have made it easy for us to install a version with a larger GPT-J licensed model of Apache. For this we only have to install it using one of these applications according to your operating system.

Once the package is downloaded, we execute it, in the Mac file, it comes unsigned, so we will have to right-click and open it to let us run it.

A small installation wizard appears in which we go through the installation path, it informs us that will occupy 3.95 GB and start downloading the model from the Internet and installing the application in question.

The installation method is very simple, like installing any application, with the usual process of Next, Next… Install.

This process of facility it took us about 10 minutes between download, decompression and installation. It is time to start using it.

To do this, in the directory where you installed GPT4All, there is the bin directory and there you will have the executable (.exe for Windows), in my case .app for Mac. You can do the prompts in Spanish or English, but yes, the response will be generated in Englishat least for now.

As we can see, a functional alternative to be able to work locally with a text generation system that can serve as an assistant or helper.

In my initial tests it is clear that it is not as powerful as ChatGPTbut, we can always use it without going through the OpenAI hoop and without an Internet connection.


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