How to correctly place the WiFi router antennas to improve speed and coverage


Nowadays, WiFi has become a basic need for many of us. Whether we’re working from home or enjoying a few games with friends, we need a connection Wifi without cuts and fast.

However, many times, we are not able to get the speed and coverage that we want. And the reason behind this can be the wrong location of the WiFi router antennas.

It is a common mistake to think that the position of the Wi-Fi router itself is the key to better speed and coverage, but in reality, it’s the router’s antennas that need to be positioned properly.

As we read in various media, many people make the mistake of placing their antennas in the wrong position, which can significantly affect the quality of the WiFi connection. Sometimes it is a question of skill and not of apparatus.

Wi-Fi Router

The final position of the antennas of your router

The first step is to place the router in a suitable place. Ideally, it should be in a central area of ​​the home or office, away from walls and objects that may obstruct the signal.. It is also important that it is elevated, for example, on a shelf or on top of a piece of furniture.

The next step is to orient the router antennas properly. If the router has two antennas, ideally one should be vertical and the other horizontal. If you have three antennas, the third one should be oriented diagonally.

LED lights of a WiFi router

This is because the antennas emit signals in an omnidirectional way, that is, in all directions. In this way, a greater area will be covered and dead zones will be reduced.

And it is important that the antennas are separated from each other. The ideal distance between them is about 10 centimeters. If you see that it is difficult to reach that distance, you just have to separate them a little, it’s okay that they look very heeled, your coverage will improve.


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