How the 2022/23 Income simulator works to instantly know the result of your statement


There are a couple of weeks left for the 2022/23 Income campaign to kick off on April 11 and If you have doubts about whether you are going to pay or returnthere is a very simple method to check it.

It is a simulator that works in the same way as the declaration itself, so if you do it every year, you will have no problem checking it.

It is a completely secure website that is managed by the Ministry of Finance itself and that the organization has launched annually for some years now. to know what will be the result of your income statement.

All you have to do is fill in the form and the pertinent data to clear up any doubts, but before you start, it’s better to stop along the way to explain it thoroughly.

What is the 2022/23 Income simulator

The income simulator is, basically, a draft of the declaration with all its sections that tells you if you are going to have to pay or return this year and even the exact number.

This useful tool has been active since 2008 and is an important advantage to know in advance what will happen when you file the final declaration and thus avoid unforeseen surprises.

It is a website that is managed by the Ministry of Finance itself, so you will not have problems with possible fraud or malware, so feel free to mess around without problems.

How to access the simulator

As usual with everything related to the body, Finding the Income simulator is not easy. No matter how you use the search engine, accessing this section will take you longer than you imagine.

To help you out, here’s the solution: all you have to do is go to Renta Web Open Simulator, a section of their website from which you can simulate your tax return.

What do you need to fill out the form?

For any procedure related to the Treasury or Social Security, it is necessary to enter with the digital certificate or the Cl@ve, but this time you only need to enter the simulator to start the test.

It is a website from which you can make a simulation of your declaration without having to identify yourself electronicallyexplains the Tax Agency.

With this clear, have your ID and all the necessary information to complete the form in the usual way. That is to say: annual income, rental or purchase contract for possible deductions, childcare payments or any other document that may be of help to you.

How to find out if the income statement is going to pay or return

With all this clear, now it’s time to focus on see if the statement 2022/23 comes out to pay or return.

It is a process that, if you have done the Income campaign year after year, you will have no problem filling in step by step, since it has the same sections, design and elements as the usual draft.

If you have any doubts, you can see how this simulator works in a video that the Tax Agency has published on its YouTube profile.

The first thing you should do when entering Renta Web Simulator is to click on the button new statement.

How the 2022/23 Income simulator works to instantly know the result of your statement

Now select your favorite language among Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Valencian and start filling in the relevant data.

As you can imagine, the only problem it has This Income simulator does not load tax data, so you will have to do it by hand.

The first thing, of course, the identification data such as ID, name, address, whether or not you have children and other sections. When you’re done, hit the button Accept at the bottom to start filling in the rest of the data.

In this new section, you will see that everything is empty and you will have to enter by hand everything related to income, deductions, exceptional situations, assets, special regimes and other sections.

To do this, simply hit declaration paragraphs so that the index is displayed and you can fill in each element you need.

How the 2022/23 Income simulator works to instantly know the result of your statement

The most important piece of information, of course, is what you have entered this year, since it is really the key element to know if you will have to pay or return if you cannot apply any deduction.

To find out this information without eating your head too much, you just have to access your 2022 Fiscal Data, this time with a digital certificate or Cl@ve to know the exact figures.

When you finish entering all your data, simply click Summary of Statements to find out if you are going to have to pay or repay this year.

How the 2022/23 Income simulator works to instantly know the result of your statement

When you have everything collated, hit again declaration paragraphs and then to the button show options so that a small drop-down appears. just hit Keep so that you can download an SES file that is stored and can be loaded in subsequent queries to the Treasury simulator.

Keep in mind that this simulator is merely indicative and has no validity, so when you are going to face the Income statement from April 11 and until June 30 you will have to start it from scratch.


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