He works just 4 hours a day and makes over 2 million a year with a program that is almost 40 years old.


“Teaching Microsoft Excel on TikTok was my ticket out of corporate America. I posted the first video on my account, Miss Excel, in June 2020”explains the protagonist of this story.

Kat Norton, known as Miss Excel on the internet, is living a life that most millennials I would dream At 29, he built a business that already generates more than $2 million a year, bought his first home, and created a nearly perfect balanced lifestyle. As it did? Teaching Excel spreadsheet tricks on TikTok.

It seems crazy but if you think about it, the truth is that it is a really profitable business. Excel, despite its age, is used by millions of people around the world and TikTok, well, what to say about this social network that continues to succeed. If we put both elements together we would have the potion of the perfect millionaire entrepreneur.

The reality is that the pandemic made it easier for Kat Norton to take the first step. In 2020, she used her free time outside of her job to create a side business in TikTok, under the name of @miss.excel. Translating her knowledge of Excel into simple and useful tips, her videos gained traction in the application.

Several videos virals later, her TikTok follower count soon climbed to 100,000—now close to 1 million—but it was how she harnessed her new found fame on social media that led her to grow a lucrative business. In November 2020, he began selling an online course on how to use Excel.


2 million dollars a year, yes, but with effort, dedication and a social network that has managed to exploit

With all this, and in just two months, she was earning more from her course than her monthly salary, which led her to quit her job to pursue a full-time career as a creator.

Since then, Norton has released nine more courses that teach other Microsoft programs and Google Sheets. By April 2021, she had her first six-figure month, earning $105,000. Six months later, he made $100,000 in one day.

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Of course This is not divine work and is the result of a great effort. In addition to gaining skills in Excel and other programs, he learned how to edit videos, create and market his courses, as well as learn how to monetize his posts on the app.

“While I was always trying to do these things, I had my internal battles with anxiety and shyness. Entrepreneurship was something I had always seen as an outlet for my creativity, but had never successfully pursued it until Miss Excel”Explain.

Another of the notable points of this incredible entrepreneur are his lifestyle mantras, as if it were Bill Gates himself. For example, he does not work more than 4 hours a day, he has meditation and yoga as a source of inspiration and mental relaxation, and he spends the afternoons spending time with his partner and having leisure time.

Of course, a whole influencers and role model that should be taken into account. Despite being part of TikTok, sometimes criticized for its simplicity for viralization, The truth is that this woman has achieved what she currently has thanks to her effort and perseverance.


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