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The hairstyles for sports They are an excellent option to maintain your style while you exercise.

It is true that when doing any physical activity we seek to be glam and comfortable, we choose good sneakers and fashionable breathable clothing. But sometimes we don’t know what to do with our hair, because once we start the action, it seems to take on a life of its own.

I’m sure it happens to all of us, that’s why I bring you the solution. Next, you will find the hairstyles for sports that will make you look radiant during training. Score!

The 7 best hairstyles for sports

Short hair is not a problem when exercising, but long hair changes the landscape. The classic ponytail is an option for you to pick up your hairHowever, there are other hairstyles for sports that will be useful and will have much more style:

1. Spike braids

If you have very very long hair, no ponytail will support movement and weight. In this case I recommend low herringbone braids. With them you won’t have to worry about being disheveled because they won’t fall off. In addition, they are so polished that you will look sporty and elegant at the same time.

2. High bun or Top Knot

This is one of the best hairstyles for sports, especially for those who prefer to have every little hair in its place. this option collect all the hair on the top of the head. To enhance the look, you can add a ribbon or scarf to match your fitness outfit.

3. Classic ponytail with a plus

high ponytailDo the classic ponytail if you’re in a hurry and don’t have much time to style your hair. Just try to find a rubber band that won’t mark or break your hair. Shape and fix the hairstyle, applying a little hairspray, so everything will stay in place. And to give it a plus, make it as high as you can, it will make your neck look.

4. Double bows or space buns

If one bow looks perfect, imagine two. This typical variant of summer It is salvation for those with long hair.

The trick is to distribute the same amount of hair to make the space buns, in this way they will weigh less and there will be less risk of them falling. To achieve delicate chignons, create two high ponytails, then twist them up and secure with bobby pins.

I suggest the hairpins and not the rubber bands, because the latter tend to slide down to the base of the hairstyle, losing the effect.

5. Low ponytail

Not all of us can stand high ponytails, for example, they give me a headache. It’s also not nice because the hair is coming to the face. If you are from my team, choose to lower the height of the ponytail and that’s it.

this hairstyle It is perfect for muscle-building exercises with weights, sit-ups, push-ups, and moves where you don’t need to jump too much.

6. Root Braids

They seem complicated to do, but they are not, it is all a matter of practice. This is one of the hairstyles to do sport that influencers use the most.

Thanks to its practicality, it allows all kinds of exercise, jumping rope, running, burpees, climbing. In addition, being attached to the head, it maintains its shape and prevents lashes on the face.

7. Boxer Braidsboxer braids

I’m not going to lie to you, this hairstyle requires a bit of skill. Although, a good youtube tutorial can help you achieve it.

The boxer braids They are a solution to not worry about your hair while you train. You will be able to support your head, jump, roll, dance, without losing glamor at any time during training.

Hair care before and after exercise

Hairstyles for sports solve your hair care during exercise, but what to do before and after?

I bring you the answer, with these simple steps you can preserve the shine and health of your hair when you do physical activities.

Before exercising

  1. Protects hair fibers: apply hair serums with essential oils that provide extra hydration to your hair. Thus, you protect it from heat and facilitate subsequent untangling.
  2. Get a suitable hairstyle: Avoid pulling your hair or wearing it too tight, this will cause it to break and lose vitality. Above I leave you many options for hairstyles to do sports.
  3. Take care of hair from chlorine: This recommendation goes to those who practice swimming. Surely you already know that chlorine weakens the hair fiber and latex caps break the ends. To avoid this, apply nourishing oils, preferably natural, before diving.

after exercisingafter exercising

  1. Wash your hair: Try to wash your hair every day with sulfate-free shampoos, alcohols and parabens. If you are afraid that it might fall, I advise you to do it every other day.
  2. Take advantage of cold water: Do not wash your hair with hot water, because you remove the natural keratin from the hair fibers. Cold water seals the cuticle and adds shine to the hair.
  3. Do not abuse dry shampoos: they are a wonderful resource to fix our hair quickly. But, we must not forget that its excessive use can cause hair loss.
  4. Organic Options: women with frizzy hair can apply a brazilian straightening or resort to organic products that help them control frizz.
  5. Irons and dryers: set them aside to comb your hair from time to time.

What did you think of this post? If you want more hair recommendations let me know in the comments.


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