Google turns off a red alarm: Samsung stays with its search engine, instead of Bing with ChatGPT


Google can breathe easy. Samsung isn’t leaving the herd…for now.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung has decided not to replace the Google search engine with Bing with GPT on their mobiles… at least for now. It is a relief for Google, since this rumor had set off all the alarms in the company.

Google pays an immense amount of money to Apple and Samsung so that your search engine is the one that is activated by default, when someone does a search in the browser of their mobiles. Only to Apple, between 8,000 and 12,000 million dollars a year, according to tax sources.

He pays Samsung a little less, despite the fact that his are a fifth of the mobiles used in the world.

Bing with GPT, one step ahead of Google

The thing is, after ChatGPT integration in Bing, Microsoft’s search engine has attracted attention. To the point that rumors arose that Samsung would change it to the Google search engine on its mobile phones.

This caused “Google to panic”, according to internal sources, accelerating the development of Google Bard, the alternative to ChatGPT. And incidentally, he jumped some ethical and security barriers of AI.

There has been talk that Samsung cannot change the search engine with Google because of the priority contract with Android, which forces it to use it. But apparently, he wouldn’t have to break that contract.

Samsung’s initial idea was use Bing with GPT in your browser that is installed by default in Samsung mobiles. But Chrome is also installed, which is the one chosen by 90% of people, and there the Google search engine would continue by default.


According to The Wall Street Journal, the Korean company has been wanting to disassociate a bit from Google, since she considers that she is too tied to her. He already tried the failed Tizen, which was going to be the replacement for Android on their mobiles. But it failed.

Apparently, Samsung thought that using Bing with GPT in its browser would not anger GoogleBecause few people use it. And it wouldn’t break the contract either, since it won’t include it in Chrome.

But now, according to the American media, has decided to shelve the issue and continue as before. The reason is that afraid of upsetting Google too muchfor your decision. And surely it would have been so.

Google would have been annoyed, not by using Bing in a browser that hardly anyone uses, but by the impact of the news. That Samsung stopped using the Google search engine after 23 years, to change it to Bing with ChatGPT, would convey the image that Bing is already better. And he wants to avoid that at all costs.

For now, the waters follow their course: Samsung would have decided not to change the Google search engine for Bing with GPT. But we haven’t seen the last chapter of this story yet…


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