Google Chrome includes a new button that will make you forget about Private mode


As you well know, the users of Google Chrome on mobile have been able to make part of their search history disappear from the service without going through the hassle of configuration thanks to a handy button that allows them to delete their last 15 minutes of searches.

The feature first came to iOS in 2021 before coming to Android early last year. As part of its ongoing quest to convince users that they take their privacy seriously, the search giant appears to be working on the same auto-delete control for Google’s browsing history. Chrome on android.

Actually in Androidyou need to tap the ⋮ (three dots) icon in the top right corner of Chrome and select “History” from the dropdown menu before tapping “Clear browsing data…” to toggle the amount of activity you want to delete : Options include all time, four weeks, seven days, 24 hours, or one hour.

You can also remove specific sites you’ve visited from your timeline. If you touch the option to clear browsing data, you can delete your activity from the last hour or from the beginning. As you know, Google’s functions to clear search data are varied.

This is how the Chrome panic button will work

That kind of operational sequence is only a minor inconvenience in theory. This is why having a button to delete the last 15 minutes of your life in Chrome is a kind of panic button. that you can quickly tap after searching for something that might put you in a bind.

If you’d rather keep your searches hidden from the prying eyes of third parties than remove them entirely, you can open an incognito tab.

As you well know, when we browse the internet we leave a trail of breadcrumbs that is very easy to follow and the options of incognito mode or history deletion are only valid for us, not for an external agent who wants to investigate us. For this you need other tools privacy more powerful.


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