Google charges against misinformation with these new features


Google wants to end misinformation in its searches and will add two new functions: ‘About this author’ and ‘Insights’.

In a recent post by Google on his blog, he announces that he is already introducing new ways for users to verify information in ‘Search’.

is throwing two new functions called ‘Insights’ and ‘About this author’, while expanding on some of its current tools, including ‘About this result’.

Google has been testing ‘Perspectives’ on the Search from Google since August 2022 and is now rolling out to US English results. This new carousel will appear below the top news and it will show the opinions of a variety of journalists, experts and other relevant voices on the topic you are looking for.

On the other hand, ‘About this author’ will be in ‘About this result’. Now, when users tap on the three dots, they can find out more about the story and experience of newsmakers featured on Google Search.


New features in Google search for users to verify information

As for the ‘About this result’ improvements, Google is increasing to “all languages ​​in which Search will be available in the coming days”, Explain.

“You’ll be able to quickly see how the website is being described, what others on the web have said about a site, and any recent coverage of it. From there, you can assess whether you want to visit the website and learn more”adds Google on the blog.


All this born with the idea of ​​fighting against disinformation. In line with this objective, Google has also announced a million-dollar investment —13.2 million dollars— to the International Network for Fact Verification to launch a new Global Fund for Fact Verification.

“It will support more than 130 fact-checking organizations from 65 countries covering more than 80 languages. Building on our previous work to address misinformation, this is the largest fact-checking grant ever from Google and YouTube”explains the technology giant.


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