Google and its space on its servers, could it run out of available storage?


With a user base as large as Google’s (billions a year), it stands to reason that the company’s servers are huge as well. But, like everything in life, there are limits to respect and many wonder if Google you could run out of space.

How much data does Google store in its data banks? Since the figure is growing day by day and Google is silent about it, the exact number is unknown. However, experts have calculated that it is likely that Google stores between ten and fifteen exabytes of data on its servers around the world.

In case we caught you an exabyte is a million terabytes, and a terabyte is one thousand gigabytes. Now you can put your hands to your head.

Some technologists have calculated that all the words spoken by human beings since their creation would be equivalent to only five exabytes. So Google potentially has more data stored on its servers than all the words that human beings have spoken.

Why does Google need so much storage space? To store the huge amount of data that Google has in its hands. This includes current and historical map data, device backups, cached pages, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store data, Google Drive, Google Books, and much more.

Will Google ever run out of storage space?

The answer, as you may have suspected, is no. A company the size and reach of Google cannot be constrained by storage space for long.

This is because they can simply expand their systems by adding more and better hard drives and building more server farms.

The Internet is likely to face several challenges in the future. However, Google running out of storage space probably isn’t one of them. So you can keep using gmail and Youtube until the closing of the company… if it ever comes.


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