Free self-defined to play online: best websites and applications


You can play self-defined online and for free, thanks to certain websites and applications that we are going to see below.

All self-defined lovers can be very happy, since the Internet is going to bring them to their smartphones, computers or tablets the possibility of enjoying this hobby.

This kind of hobbies They are very popular and used by many people.which only had the scripts that are sold in newsstands and some parts of some newspapers, until they have appeared on the net.

It will not matter if the operating system you use is iOS, Android or Windows, since you can access the websites with anyone and in the case of apps there are for all systems.

Below you will see some of the websites and applications that will help you to enjoy self-defined.

The best websites and apps to make self-identified online:

Self-defined websites

  1. Tarkus
  2. eHobbies
  3. online hobbies
  4. puztrip

App to make self-defined

  1. Spanish Crosswords
  2. CodyCross – Crosswords
  3. Crosswords (Crossword)
  4. Crosswords – in Spanish

Websites to make self-identified online

It is clear that at certain times the self-defined can be a great way of fun to pass the time, like when we go on the bus or the subway to work, study or wherever.

In addition, those who start in this type of hobby, in the end it becomes an important part of their day to day, since they assure, many of those who play assiduously, that it relaxes them, as well as having fun.

We can consider that there are several self-defined types:

  • White Self Defined: those that are blank in each box and where only one letter is placed for each hole. They are the most widespread and common.
  • Syllabic self-defined: They are those in which a syllable goes in each box instead of a letter as usual.
  • Self honeycomb: the words are intertwined in a kind of honeycomb, the words being between 4 and 6 letters maximum.
  • Thematic self-defined: They are based on a specific topic and all the words refer to it.
  • self defined graphics: There are several words, which are represented by drawings, symbols or photographs.



The first of the websites that we are going to show you is already classic as far as self-defined is concerned, since it has been active for a few years now.

In Tarkus the self-defined they are updated quite often. Something that is interesting is that we can restart, get help or review what we have posted. It is easy to use, we just have to click on the box that we want to put the corresponding letter.

On this website we can enjoy word searches, cross words, cryptograms, Sudoku, logic games, bilingual games, anagrams and more.



On this website there are not only self-defined ones, since we can also find crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, sudoku puzzles, mazes, hieroglyphics, mathematical boards, difference games and more options.

As regards the self-defined there are more than 1,000 optionsas well as a section to teach us how to play this type of pastime.

One of the most interesting facets that ePasatiempos offers us is that we can print the self-defined ones if what we want is to make them as before, that is, filling in with the pencil.

online hobbies

online hobbies

It is a very simple in its designbut in which we are going to have fun since it gives us several options.

We will have self-defined to perform, having a new one every dayso we will always have the option of not repeating.

In addition, in Pasatiempos online we will also have crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, sudoku puzzles or anagrams.


self defined

It is a website specialized in hobbies that has been running for a few years, since we talked about began its journey in 2010.

It has self-defined puzzles in Spanish, as well as sudokus, word search puzzles, and puzzles. Puztrio is free, like all the ones you’ve seen on this list, and it’s updated weekly.

The best apps to make self-defined on mobile

Also exist some apps that we can use to pass the time and make self-defined without having to go to any website, just with our smartphone or tablet.

Doing it on a smartphone may lose some of its essence, since the screen looks somewhat small, although on a tablet it may make much more sense.

Spanish Crosswords

CodyCross – Crosswords

Crosswords (Crossword)

Crosswords – in Spanish

now you have several options where you can play the self-defined oneseither on the web or in an Android application.

You should enter all these options to find out which of all has the self-defined ones that you like the most and that best suit you and your needs.


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