Even AuronPlay sets an expiration date for DTT and is clear about its substitute


AuronPlay It is clear, DTT has an expiration date. Yes, the youtuber and streamer who lives in Andorra has expressed his opinion about the future of twitch. In his opinion, he has made it clear what he thinks about the current situation of television and, above all, of Twitch, the Amazon platform on which he and he broadcast both Ibai Plains.

According to AuronPlay, Twitch is the future of television and traditional platforms are becoming obsolete. He believes that in the future, most people will be consuming content online and that platforms like Twitch will be where most of that content is found. Also, this can be clearly seen with the current streaming trend.

Of course, among the comments of AuronPlay there is also something interesting to take into account. The streamer makes it clear that the content that is of interest may not be only the gameplays and, in fact, he has commented that the creation of events such as the Kings League of Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué are the future of the platform.

In fact, indicates that Twitch would evolve to become a kind of “Television 2.0”. Logically, we do not know this future and it is very difficult to imagine it. But it is curious that a platform like Twitch, which was born to offer content other than television, now has exponents who label this platform as an evolution of this medium.

AuronPlay gives his opinion on the future of DTT and what will happen on Twitch

AuronPlay also believes that traditional streamers have an expiration date and that the online entertainment industry is rapidly evolving. He believes that streamers will have to adapt as technology advances and that those who can’t keep up will be left behind.

It’s important to be authentic and stay true to yourself, but it is also important to listen to viewers and adapt to their interests and needs. It may be that now the content that the public requests is not entirely to see people playing video games, although this will have to be seen in the future that is not so distant.

For the moment DTT will continue to exist, but Twitch may end up becoming Television 2.0, DTT as we know it will have to adapt in order to remain popular among different users. We will have to wait to see how one medium adapts and how another transforms in favor of the viewers.


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