Elon Musk breaks his promise to guarantee freedom on Twitter


Twitter is owned by Elon Musk and, even if we don’t like it, the South African tycoon can do whatever he wants with the social network. Throughout the first weeks of his tenure, what Elon Musk has done with Twitter has caused enormous controversy and, that is, the changes have not been good for the platform.

Mind you, these changes aren’t the only moves Elon Musk has made to make Twitter feel like home. To achieve this comfort hHe has broken a promise he made just a month ago and which, unfortunately, is public since it is embedded in a tweet that he published himself.

What has happened? The account that was dedicated to showing the travel routes of Elon’s private jet Musk It has completely disappeared from the social network and this is a problem for freedom within this platform. Now anyone who goes to the ElonJet profile or @ElonJet You will be met with a message stating that the account has been suspended.

The millions of Twitter users have just verified that the South African tycoon is incapable of breaking his promises and, therefore, the future of the social network is again in a situation of complete uncertainty. In fact, many people have begun to show their discontent about what happened with the ElonJet account.

Elon Musk changes the rules of the game and breaks his word

Freedom on Twitter ends when an account annoys Elon Musk

It is important to take into account this event that has occurred in Twitter and more when Elon Musk He has been talking about the little freedom that exists within social networks. The tycoon of emerald mine owning parents in South Africa has always been in favor of free speech, although this will give a voice to the extreme right.

Now, when he is the one who is affected and has the power to solve it, it seems that freedom is in the background. Only a few days have passed since the publication of your tweetin which he promised to keep the ElonJet account as a sign of his commitment to free speech.

We do not know for sure what will have happened in recent days, but what is clear is that Elon Musk changes his mind too quickly and this is demonstrated in the management he has been carrying out on Twitter over these months. ElonJet has ceased to exist and there is nothing users can doElon Musk has changed the rules of the game by punching his wallet.


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