Don’t bite! The Coca-Cola scam is back on WhatsApp, now also at Christmas


Be very careful because, according to Maldita, the quintessential website that dismantles fake news and this type of scam, is circulating via social networks and WhatsApp a scam promoting 2,500 exclusive Coca-Cola brand coolers. Well, this is completely false and it is a case of phishing.

Stand out that the message comes with a URL ( that pretends to be this supposed Christmas promotion. Basically it is a bait to capture the attention of the victim. A very common attack, but these days they take advantage of the dates in which we are and use the Christmas like a big claim.

The URL of the fraudulent website where the supposed Coca-Cola raffle is hosted is logically not the official one of the brand, so be very attentive to it. To “win” the prize, users must answer a series of four questions: their knowledge of Coca-Cola, their age, how they value the company and if they would recommend it to their friends.

After completing the questionnaire, the user has three attempts to choose the box with the gift. If you choose the correct option you will see the following message: “You did it! You won an exclusive Coca-Cola cooler”is read in a pop-up notification, which we leave below.

Don't bite!  The Coca-Cola scam is back on WhatsApp, now also at Christmas

However, before receiving the prize, and here comes the trap, you have to share the promotional link with five groups or 20 friends, provide a delivery address and complete the registration. This is not only where you could fall, you are also sharing a fraudulent link on WhatsApp in which more people could fall.

“After completing the instructions above, please wait for the administrator to check it, the review will be completed in 24 hours”, appears in a notice on the site. When you click the “Finish” button, a notification appears on the screen, alerting you that “you should update your junk cleaner or your phone might freeze.”

Don't bite!  The Coca-Cola scam is back on WhatsApp, now also at Christmas

What to do to avoid these phishing attacks by WhatsApp

Most important of all is that keep common sense and avoid making mistakes. You will be able to tell that the link is obviously fake, just by looking at the URL a bit. Also, you should know that you should never send personal data through pages of this type or you could be a victim of phishing.

You should also notify the person who sent you that message. He probably doesn’t know what he sent you. Another piece of advice is that you always have a good anti virus. Security programs will help you eliminate malware that can reach you through WhatsApp and other means.

In short, if these weeks you receive a false message of WhatsApp about a supposed Coca-Cola gift for Christmas, it is a scam. Avoid opening the link, putting any data and notify whoever sent it to you.


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