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Summer is just around the corner and for this reason, many people are concerned about their physical appearance. Yes, for many people it is time to shed those extra pounds and take care of yourself not only to have a better body to show off on beaches and swimming pools, but also to feel better and take care of your body. We all know that food is essential. so that we feel good not only on a physical level, but also so that we obtain all the necessary energy with which to function on a daily basis. To achieve this, it is best to resort to certain healthy recipes and combine it with exercise once we have equipped ourselves with everything we need at Sprinter Barcelona. In this article we will explain which recipes are the ones that will help you have a toned body.

Chicken and turkey meat, white and blue fish, eggs or skimmed dairy are the most important sources of protein to consume

Fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs or meat. The secret to obtain a healthy body and, at the same time, one that looks toned is to combine this diet with sports activity. We all like snacks, sweets or ice cream, but we know that this type of food lacks minerals and nutrients, since they become empty calories that the only thing they cause is a weight gain.

In the diet, the main sources of protein should be turkey or chicken meat, oily and white fish, eggs, skimmed dairy products, nuts, and although it may seem strange, incorporate algae such as spirulina.

As for the dinners that can be prepared, we find for example baked salmon or papillote, which will become one of the most delicious, nutritious and healthy dinners there is. Continuing with the dinners, we can also bet on a French omelette with some grilled vegetables Or, include different vegetables in the oven to roast. We assure you that you will love its sweet flavor when roasted.

Regarding the recipes for meals, we can bet on different options. Eating well is not synonymous with being boring or lacking in flavor. An example of this is found in the possibility of chopping different vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, tomato or onion to put them in a dish and roast them with an egg that we will also cook in the oven. On the other hand, you can choose vegetable soup or with turkey or chicken meat. Finally, you can also prepare a vegetable stew.

Also, now that the good weather is here, it is the perfect time to taste a delicious gazpacho that we can prepare at home or include salads in our diet. In this last aspect, we can add infinity of products, but taking into account that they are healthy. For example, it is useless to include lettuce, cucumber, tomato or some nuts if we later include sauces or different cold cuts that will only make our salad unhealthy.

now that we know what are the foods that we can consume to tone our body and above all, what are the recipes with which to achieve it, it is time to get down to work to get the body that we have always wanted to have in summer, worrying mainly about being healthy.


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