Could they fine you for not returning the WiFi router when you change companies?


Learn how to avoid fines for not returning the router when changing internet companies and learn the keys to comply with your obligations and protect your rights as a consumer.

In Spain, telecommunications companies can apply fines for not returning the router at the end of the contract. The fines vary according to the company and the conditions established at the time of contracting the service.

The WiFi router is an essential device in the home and in most work environments. It acts as a central Internet connection point, allowing multiple devices to connect and access the network wirelessly.

At the time of contracting the service, ISPs generally provide broadband Internet access, either through a fiber optic, ADSL or cable connection. In addition, they also leave you a router or modem that allows the connection of the devices to the home network.

Before, some companies did not request the return of the routers at the end of the contract. However, with the entry of new technologies, these devices with advanced features are more prized by the providers.

The fine for not returning the router depends on each company

Wi-Fi Router

According to consumer associations, telephone operators have the power to penalize ex-customers who do not return the router after unsubscribing. Therefore, it is important to comply with this obligation to avoid possible legal consequences.

These devices are rented or transferred by the companies, but they are not owned by the users, even if they are clients for many years.. Some companies offer up to 15 calendar days to return the equipment with everything and its accessories.

As for the fines, these vary depending on the operator. For example, Movistar, in its terms and conditions, indicates that if you have kept the router you will have to pay 31.46 euros. On the other hand, Vodafone can charge you from 45 euros.

Operators such as Jazztel apply penalties of up to 84 euros for people who do not deliver the equipment. Orange, where appropriate, imposes fines of about 50 euros. This means that the penalties range from 40 to 150 euros.

Internet connection WiFi router

To avoid fines for not returning the router, it is recommended to read the contract carefully and save the original packagingsince many companies demand to return it in similar conditions to those received.

You need to contact your Internet Service Provider for precise instructions on how and when to return the equipment. Likewise, it is recommended to comply with the stipulated term for the return, make sure to do it with all the accessories.

And finally, It is essential to request proof of return, as it will be your backup in case of future disputes.. By following these tips, you can avoid fines and meet your contractual obligations when returning your router.


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