Connecting to a free public access WiFi could cost you dearly


Sometimes we may be tempted to find a free access point, when we are walking down the street or traveling, and something as seemingly innocent as connecting our computer, laptop or mobile phone to public WiFi can cost you dearly.

Surely you have found yourself in a situation in which you had to connect, whatever, to a public WiFi, and you were looking for a WiFi connection in different areas of the city to which you could connect to access the Internet.

While there may be public places with access to public Wi-Fi official, even in restaurants and stores, the truth is that the cybercriminals they know this very well, and may end up creating rogue open access points under some well-known name.

And security experts from the antivirus firm Norton warn that connecting to a public Wi-Fi network can incur a tremendous amount of risk.

First of all, these types of open access point networks do not usually have the same secure characteristics as private ones, so you would be exposing yourself from the beginning.

In fact, the hacker could get between your connection and the service to which you are connected to know all the data you are transmitting, something especially serious if, for example, you access your bank account at that moment.

You may also be logging into your favorite services and that information may be intercepted, and you may later lose access to your accounts.

And it is that this type of connections of Wifi Open networks may not be encrypted due to their free nature, they may even be intercepted by cybercriminals to keep your personal data.

Malicious access points created by cybercriminals

On the other hand, hackers could even create malicious access points, naming them with well-known company names, so that people connect to them thinking they are trustworthy.

In this case, it is advisable to never connect to open Wi-Fi networks, unless they are from well-known places such as restaurants or public bodies, which tend to change passwords constantly.

You could add a VPN in your connections to these access points, but it is recommended that you use your own mobile phone data when connecting to Internet when you are away from home.


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