Competition in low cost operators grows: Correos offers fiber and mobile for 40 euros per month


Correos joins in competing with low cost operators with its new fiber and mobile offer for less than 40 euros per month. Yes, you read it right. Now Correos will offer internet at home and coverage for your mobile phone. The truth is that it is strange that, out of nowhere, the Post Office made this move.

Of course, at the user level they are all advantages. And, it is that, the more competition between companies, the better prices and better services users should receive. Despite the fact that in the case of low cost operators there is already a market with a huge number of options, now there is one more call Post Office Telecom.

Correos Telecom is the name given to the new telecommunications group that has been formed by the postal company that governs Spain. At a technical level, this new operator will use the Movistar network and coverage which is one of its greatest assets because it is the one with the most kilometers of coverage.

Taking this into account, now it’s time to see the next most important thing, which is prices. If Correos Telecom wants to compete with low cost operators, it must offer a series of prices that make it a viable option for users. VWe are going to see in detail the internet and mobile offer of Correos.

Correos Telecom: this is how Correos wants to compete with low cost operators

As indicated by El Economista, the new Post Office operator will offer both mobile rates and internet rates that integrate the mobile. Correos Telecom’s mobile rates start at 14.99 euros per month without permanence, which includes 35 GB of data and unlimited calls to both mobile phones and landlines.

The next rate goes to 19.99 euros and offers 50 GB of data along with unlimited calls. The latest rate for mobiles goes up to 24.99 euros and doubles the data up to 100 GB along with unlimited calls. Now it’s time to move on to the rates that combine both fiber with mobile phone.

In this section, Correos Telecom has five rates that range from 36.99 euros to 48.99 euros, which is the most expensive of all during the first three months, since they all go up in price later. And, it seems that in order to capture the attention of users, this discount offer has been made during the first three months.

Taking into account the prices without discount, Rate 1 would be 42.99 euros and would offer fiber up to 600 Mb with 35 GB of data, unlimited calls and no registration cost. Rate 5 would be priced at 54.99 euros with the same 600 Mb fiber, two mobile lines with 100 GB of data, unlimited calls and no registration cost.


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