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The request for a hand marks one of the most important moments in the life of a couple. It is the decision to embark on a life together, begin the preparations for the wedding and celebrate love with your loved ones.

That is why it is so important to remember that great day in which your life will change forever with a beautiful engagement ring.

There are multiple styles and types of rings to culminate the moment of “yes, I do”, the key is to find the ideal one for each person, based on their tastes. Next, the precious models of the Luz de Alba Joyas engagement ring collection that I have loved, you cannot miss them.

Some models of engagement rings to say “yes, I want”

There are no written rules when it comes to engagement rings, although they usually have a diamond in the center. It is also possible to choose other precious or semi-precious stones depending on the tastes of the future fiancée.

Some of the precious models available at Luz de Alba Joyas are the following:

  • Eternity Ring: It is a handmade 18 karat white gold ring. The central piece is a white topaz, although it can be exchanged for another type of stone.
  • Honeymoon Ring: quite similar to the previous model, but in this case, in addition to the central stone, it has several small stones on both sides of it, around the wedding ring.
  • Eternal Love Ring: It has characteristics very similar to those of the Eternity Ring, but it has two big differences, on the one hand, the wedding band of this model is flat, while the one of the first ring is rounded. In addition, the stone of this one is larger than that of the Eternity model.
  • engagement ring: with a diamond or other precious stone of a size similar to the Eternity Ring and a wedding ring similar to that of the Eternal Love Ring, the Engagement model is the perfect mix for this extremely important moment.
  • perfect girlfriend: 18-carat white gold flat wedding ring with a diamond or other precious stone in the center and three small inlays on its sides, resulting in this precious model, ideal for a perfect bride.
  • Yes I want!: with this impressive design, you don’t take no for an answer because the combination of a flat wedding band and a precious stone is always a hit, you won’t be able to resist!
  • Swan Engagement Ring: takes its name from the curvature of the alliance, similar to that of a swan’s neck. And it is that this model has a flat ring that embraces the central precious stone from both sides of it, one end at the top and the other at the bottom.
  • Engagement Solitaire Ring: because simplicity is always a success, this discreet, fine design with a small stone never fails.
  • marry me: quite the opposite of the previous model and it is that it not only has a large central stone, but on both sides of it, embedded on the alliance, we find six small stones, making the Marry Me design shine with its own light .
marry me

marry me

Tradition dictates that an engagement ring is the perfect jewel to establish the marriage commitment between two people, but there are those who decide to opt for other handmade gold jewels, such as pendants or even earrings. Did you know?

Curiosities about engagement rings

The engagement ring is used to seal the engagement. that the couple is going to embark on a life together and that they will soon be married. This is something known to all

But do you know what other curiosities surround this precious piece of jewelry?

In ancient times, the symbology of this ring was somewhat different, since the reason why a man gave this jewel to his fiancée was as a means of compensation for the material expenses of preparing the trousseau, as well as as a reward. for giving up looking for other opportunities to get married.

Over the years, as you can all imagine, this symbology has changed and, as previously mentioned, the engagement ring is nothing more than a gift that symbolizes the promise to legally begin a life together.

Another important symbolism around the engagement rings is the placement of the finger. Despite the fact that each woman can place it on the finger of her choice, the protocol ensures that the ideal place to do so is the ring finger of the left hand, since a vein, called amoris, originates from this and goes directly to the heart.

And why is the diamond the ideal gemstone for this type of ring? Well again, the answer lies in the symbolism of this piece, and it is that it is a stone made of the hardest material that exists, which is associated with an unbreakable promise such as the marriage commitment.

And you, which of these beautiful engagement rings would you choose?


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