Chrome quick commands: how to activate them and what they are for


You can now use the “quick commands” feature in Google Chrome, where you can easily and easily enable browser functions such as open a new window, clear history, close a window, etc.

Chrome is Google’s browser par excellence and is the most used by users to access the Internet. It receives new features constantly, and among the most recent is a function called “Quick Commands”which has been available since 2021 in preview, but it is only now that it can be activated.

It should be noted that the chrome quick commands are intended to allow quick access to different browser functions without the need to use the mouse, so it can be very useful for improve productivity when browsing the web.

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If you’ve ever used a Chromium-based browser, such as Vivaldi, you’ll probably be very familiar with this feature, as it offers the use of some quick commands that display and execute different functions from the search bar.

Accessing the feature is as simple as pressing the CTRL + Spacebar key combination to open a drawer in which you can write the browser commands. Best of all, the options are predictive, so just entering a letter will display all available commands.

How to activate hidden quick commands in Google Chrome?

If you want to get the most out of Google Chrome, you should enable the hidden quick commands in this browser, a function that is already accessible to all users who have the Chrome Canary version, but for some unknown reason Google has not made it integrated as official feature.

If you have Chrome Canary 114 installed on your computer, you can test the new feature by entering the path: chrome://flags#quick-commandsin the drop-down menu that is on the side of the feature you must change “Default” to “Enabled” and then restart.

Quick Commands

In this way the function will have been activated and from now on you will be able to use the chrome quick commands.

with the combination CTRL + Spacebar A small tab will open below the search bar, and there, as you type, various commands will auto-complete.

Quick Commands

You will be able to open new tabs, new windows, clear browser data, change profiles, close the current tab, among other actions.

It is important to mention that many of the dedicated keyboard shortcuts are accessible from the new command just by writing the first letter the function will show us the available commands.

What is the quick commands function in Chrome for?

This function is mainly used to improve productivity and speed up the pace of work. They can help users browse the Internet more efficiently and quickly, saving time searching for specific features.

In short, the quick commands that are hidden in Chrome They can be useful for advanced users who want to access specific features quickly. This feature is part of the new features that will be coming to the stable version of the browser.

The hidden tricks to better manage the Google browser are very helpful, especially when you want to enable functions that are not available to the naked eye, and quick commands is one of these features, which you can make the most of in your day to day .


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