Bill Gates considers AI as a technological milestone as great as the invention of the computer or the Internet


We have already talked a lot about different advances in the field of artificial intelligenceespecially with the advent of ChatGPT, and also with the Google proposal that has just been presented and, surely, many other related products that we will have in the coming months.

Be that as it may, we are facing one of the great technological milestones in history, and we are not saying it, but Bill Gates himself, co-founder of Microsoft, who has expressed his enthusiasm about the progress made in the field of artificial intelligence in a Recent interview with Forbes.

In it, he commented, in reference to ChatGPT that “in the past year, progress in AI I have been quite excited”. However, Microsoft is one of the main investors in OpenAI, developers of the popular ChatGPT.

About the possibilities of ChatGPT, Bill Gates has pointed out that “It could be used as a math tutor available to students in the city, or as medical advice available to people in Africa who, in their lifetime, would typically never see a doctor.”.

In addition, he considers that these advances in artificial intelligence are comparable to the invention of personal computers, operating systems such as Windows and the arrival of the Internet.

It’s pretty amazing that what I’m seeing in AI in the last 12 months is as important as the PC, the GUI PC, or the Internet.”, he comments. “Among the top four milestones in digital technology, it ranks up there”.

The idea is not that AI will take our jobs, just some

For those who are afraid if they will lose their job due to the advance in the field of artificial intelligence, Bill Gates affirms that “those repetitive jobs would be among the first affected by AI”.

He also comments that he expects an almost complete robotization of factories in the next 5 to 10 years, but autonomous driving still has a long way to go.

However, the most amazing thing about AI for Bill Gates is its ability to read and write current language models: “how to summarize a complex set of documents or write something in the style of the pre-existing author, the fact that you can do that with these great language models and reinforce them, that fluency is really amazing”.


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