Beyond ChatGPT: 15 useful AI tools


Despite the great popularity of ChatGPT, it is necessary to look further afield since the Internet is full of great and very useful tools based on artificial intelligence for all kinds of crazy things you want to do automatically.

The artificial intelligence it is already transforming the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. A particularly impressive application of this type is generative AI, which can generate content such as blog posts, social networks, search results…etc.

ChatGPT it is one of those most powerful generative AI tools today. Leverages a combination of deep neural networks and natural language processing algorithms to create engaging content quickly and efficiently.

But this chatbot and generative AI tools comprise only a small subset of the many opportunities that artificial intelligence can bring you. Almost daily companies large and small continue to increase the market for new applications.

That is why in this article you are presented some other options (not replacements for ChatGPT) if you want to continue delving into the broad field of AI.

15 very useful AI tools for all areas

auto draw

AutoDraw is a tool that has actually been around as a Google project since 2017. This free app turns random doodles into real drawings by offering suggestions based on what you’ve included on the page.

auto draw


This application connects to others to make video calls such as Zoom or Teams automates the process of taking notes and creating transcripts.

Deep Nostalgia

This innovative application already talked about in depth on Computer Today, lets you animate faces in family photos so you can see them smile, blink, and gesture, as if you have recorded a video of them in the past.



This tool AI-powered video creation allows anyone to easily create educational, marketing or business video content using a simple drag and drop interface.


Short for Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, AIVA helps you create custom music tracks without any musical knowledge. You can generate songs based on emotion, genre or generate different harmonies and many other options.

There’s even a full-featured editor that lets you hone your tracks note-by-note until they’re just the way you want them to be.



With Soundraw you can create music with artificial intelligence without copyright simply by making decisions about the genre of music you want to create, the instruments to be used, the mood you want it to have, and the length of the track. It is quite similar to the previous option, although this one does not require making an account.


AI Dungeon

This curious tool takes advantage of artificial intelligence to generate stories that are never told the same way twice. And what’s even better: you can create your own scripts and share them with others.

You can use it with a free account that uses the service’s basic AI technology, or opt for premium packages by paying $10 a month that use more advanced AI models.

AI Dungeon


This is an audio recording and editing platform with built-in artificial intelligence tools that will help you create clear recordings that sound like they’ve been professionally editedautomating tasks like cleaning up extra sounds and creating transcriptions.


In this case you will find a text to speech app that makes it easy to create natural-sounding recordings in 15 languages ​​from a selection of more than 100 voices and dialects.



This artificial intelligence tool allows you to retouch images by removing objects, defects or even people that you do not want to appear in the imageusing a process known as “repainting” or inpainting to help you create the perfect image.

This tool uses a neural network system called Phoenix to automate the separation of audio sources. This involves extracting elements like vocals, music, or even specific instrumental tracks like drum hits from any audio or video content.


Automates the cleaning up audio and voice tracks by removing background noisesounds that litter the audio track, or even if the dialogue includes onomatopoeia or conversational fillers, as well as dead time and silences to create clean, professional-sounding recordings.


this tool automatically enlarge and enhance images, which means that low-resolution images can be enlarged without losing detail. Of course, the payment options allow use even with improved quality, although it is not necessary either.



Jasper is a AI copywriting tool that works similar to ChatGPT; in fact, it is based on the same GPT-3 language model. However, it is more oriented to the creation of texts for advertising and marketing campaigns than to act as a conversational tool.


Lastly, this platform cloud-based text-to-video conversion creates new videos from the texts you upload, using messages to apply the edits and effects you want, or create animations from storyboard mockups.

Qualify that this tool based on artificial intelligence was also developed by the creators of Stable Diffusion. As you can see, there is life beyond ChatGPT and it would not hurt to broaden your horizons.


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