Are you smarter than an AI? Prove it with this free online game


If you feel like having a fun time and testing your senses, this website will present you with 6 images and one of them will be created with artificial intelligence. The challenge will be to identify it.

It really is fascinating images that the artificial intelligence of some tools such as Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2 are capable of generating and Many times there is talk of their high capacity to deceive the human eye.

It is true that the AI ​​fails on some occasions with respect to the fingers of a human being and puts more or less, but in the eyes, the artificial intelligence He usually errs with the alignment and size, as well as in the mouths with the shadows and the intensity of the color. These are all little tricks you can employ, although there are times when if a person doesn’t show up, you’re lost.

For example, in the Web of today, ‘Which is AI’, what you are going to find are landscapes, natural environments or objects and things get complicated. This simple platform poses a most interesting and fun challenge: the system will show 6 images and it will be the brave user who must decide which of the snapshots is the one created by artificial intelligence.

Once you press the play button, the play will start and the first 6 images—sometimes the number is reduced to 5—will be displayed on the screen.

A curiosity of the game is that it obtains the real images from the Unsplash website, one of the most important image banks on the web, while the digital portraits are taken from Lexica, a website that collects random images produced through Stable Diffusion.

Obviously, when the images are real photographs it is easy to distinguish small traces out of place, although when they show you digital paintings or canvases the difficulty increases and on more than one occasion you will discover that an image created randomly by an artificial intelligence has deceived you. You will see that the game is as fun as it is addictive.


The trick to always guess which image is generated by AI

One last note for the end. You can actually know if the work is generated by AI or belongs to a painter. For this, if you do click right over the image and open it in a new tab, you will be able to read in the URL who it belongs to, but this is a secret, the idea is not to break the rules.

Of course, choose the format you choose, test yourself (without cheating) and see if your eye is as trained as artificial intelligence is. A pretty fun challenge.


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