An OnlyFans creator who has earned over 6 million shares her success strategies


Bryce Adams and her boyfriend Jay are adult content creators who have been active in the industry for two years. subscription platform OnlyFans. They started publishing adult content part-time in 2021.

At the time, the two ran their own sporting goods company, and after noticing interest from subscribers, they decided to devote themselves full time to scaling their business in OnlyFans, a platform that has been growing non-stop for almost five years.

brice Adams publishes content on three accounts: his main page, @fitbryceadams, which offers a subscription plan that starts at $3.15 for 31 days, and is $7 a month thereafter.

The second page is @fitbrycevip, which is a more exclusive experience, with some free videos, regular messages with his followers, and more content about his daily life. This account costs $30 per month.

His third page is @fitbryceflix, which opened in February 2022, offers paid videos instead of an ongoing subscription.

The artist said that The strategy of opening three profiles was to serve different types of clients: those who prefer free content, subscription content or those who want to pay to own the content.

Bryce Adams and OnlyFans

How much money have you earned in the last two years?

Bryce and Jay made their first million dollars within 10 months of first posting, and generated over $6.4 million in revenue in 2022 thanks to OnlyFans. Business Insider verified these figures.

The two lead a team of 12 employees who help with operations, video editing, and managing promotions with other OnlyFans creators. They told Insider that they estimate their gross profit is about half of revenue.

According to Adams, it was essential that fans have access to his daily life. In addition to adult content, Bryce and Jay regularly share snippets of their routines, their workouts, their cats, and their hangouts with friends.


Bryce personally responds to OnlyFans messages. And when he doesn’t have time to respond, he lets the fans know that someone from his team will lend a hand.

This reflects the nature of OnlyFans as a platform, says Adams. “It’s not Instagram, where you can see someone almost from afar. OnlyFans allows you to connect with creators on a higher level, meet them personally“, Explain.


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