Amazon Sidewalk connects devices around the world for free without Internet


Amazon’s internal network that you use with your Echo or Ring devices is now available to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. And its possibilities are very interesting.

Amazon Sidewalk since yesterday it has become a open, community and free network of device connection of the internet of thingswhich can make life much easier for users.

Amazon has spent years building a free and community connection network of low consumption, low bandwidth and long-rangeto connect your Echo, Ring, Tile devices and others. Now this network, which is called Sidewalk, is open to all developers and companies who want to use it.

Amazon Sidewalk already covers 90% of the population in the United Statesand soon it will reach other places.

Maybe it’s time to explain what is amazon sidewalkand why it can revolutionize the connection of Internet of Things devices.

Amazon Sidewalk, a long-range free community network

Imagine you have a Ring camera installed at home. It detects a thief, and when it goes to send the notification, the Internet is cut off. Or you are in a place without coverage, and you do not receive it.

The same applies to devices such as smart doorbells, activity wristbands, pet trackersetc.

Amazon solves this problem with Amazon Sidewalka communication network that works without Internet. At least, in its short-range nodes.

side walk is a community network because the nodes It is made up of millions of Amazon Echo devices, ring and others that Amazon has sold all over the world. Although at the moment it is only active in the United States.

These nodes, called Sidewalk Bridges either Sidewalk Bridges, they connect to each other via Bluetooth, local WiFi networks, and ultimately, the Internet. There are so many nodes in the United States, that Sidewalk already covers 90% of the population from the country:

Amazon Sidewalk

Let’s go back to the example of the thief. Imagine that the Ring camera loses the Internet and is unable to send the notification. Then connect to the Sidewalk network, and via Bluetooth sends it to a nearby Echo device. This Echo sends it to the neighbor’s Echo, which does have Internet, and it sends you the notification.

Since the network is so widespread, you will be able to receive it anywhere, even if you do not have Internet. It’s somewhat similar to the network Apple uses to locate your AirTags or phones when they’re lost, which leverages nearby Apple devices. But Sidewalk is infinitely bigger and more stable, when using fixed devices.

As you will have seen, this community use forces other nodes to use your Internet connection or your Amazon Echo devices to send data over the Sidewalk network. But it uses very low bandwidth, just 80Kbpsand only allows each user to give access to a maximum of 500 MB of data per month.

Amazon Echo 4th generation

At first a great controversy was generated because Amazon enabled Sidewalk by default on Echo or Ring devices, so they were literally using your internet connection without you even knowing it. Now it is the user who has to activate it voluntarily. Many do it because it is a benefit for them.

As we say, until now it was a network for internal use by Amazon, but it has just opened it to developers and companies. Anyone can use a Sidewalk Development Kit to connect your device through this community network, free of charge.

Amazon benefits because the more nodes the network has, the more coverage it will have for its own devices. companies like Netvox, OnAsset and Primax are about to release devices compatible with side walk.

Many types of devices could benefit from a network that does not rely solely on the Internet: we have already seen the surveillance cameras or the pet trackersbut also the package tracking servicesactivity wristbands for the elderly, health devices, outdoor exercises, weather sensorscrop control, solar panel managementand more.

The opening of Amazon Sidewalk to all developers and companies it is good news to guarantee the connection of the devices of the Internet of Things. Let’s hope it soon arrives in Europe.


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