Ad blockers have their days numbered in Google Chrome


Google Chrome’s long-running battle with ad-blockers continues, and unfortunately it seems that the browser of those in Mountain View are increasingly fed up with these extensions that all users use. Just a few months ago they devised a plan to end these elements once and for all, but now everything has changed.

No, Google Chrome has not given up and, in fact, ad blockers along with other extensions have their days numbered in the Mountain View browser. So what is happening? Google’s plans do not seem to go as the company wants them to go and there are delays in the implementation of these changes.

All current extensions that can be installed on Google Chrome use the Manifest V2 platform. This platform has been used for years because the people behind the extensions can easily program them and they can alter or modify how the web pages they act on look like.

Google wants to stop this with Manifest V3, this being the new platform that will be implemented in Google Chrome when the transition process is complete. What happens is that the developers have wasted no time criticizing this new platform because it would make many extensions useless.

Google wants to say goodbye to ad blockers in Chrome

Manifest V3 is Google’s proposal for extensions to continue to be present in Chrome, improving the security and privacy of users. Although in theory it may sound like an acceptable proposal, what happens is that, unfortunately, we find that basic features of the extensions would disappear when this is applied.

Of course, there is good news. Among this good news is the fact that Google’s plans to implement Manifest V3 have been delayed again. January 2023 was the date planned for this new platform to start testing, but Google has reported that it is delayed indefinitely.

The good news does not come alone, and there is also a bad side, this being Google’s efforts to make Manifest V3 a reality and, therefore, will still continue working to achieve this transition. At the moment, we can only wait to see what Google does in 2024.


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