3 signs that your WiFi connection could be stolen


There could be dozens of reasons why your Internet connection is slow, and perhaps the one you least expect is that an intruder is using your network without your permission, and that can be a big problem.

And it is that if you are alone at home, and you see that the router is going excessively slow, you should not rule out that a neighbor may be stealing your Internet. Luckily there are a series of procedures that you could use to block said foreign connection.

The easiest way to know if someone is using your Internet connection is to completely disconnect all devices and then see if the WiFi light blinks.

If after having disconnected all the devices you see that the WiFi light continues to blink, it is likely that you have an intruder.

However, with the above we cannot do much, so the next step is to directly access the administration of our router to find a map of all connected devices.

This is how you access the router administration

On a sticker next to your router, you must put the access credentials to it, and you will simply have to access it through any browser on your computer.

Once inside, don’t forget to look for that network map, user registry or client list to check if there is an intruder.

If you don’t recognize a Connectionyou can block it or directly remove it, but you must be totally sure so as not to be blocking a connection that belongs to you.

You could also use third-party applications such as WiFi Guard, which offers us a list of all the devices connected to our Internet network.

However, this app is simply informative, since through this type of application we cannot block anything, but perhaps it will help us to better identify the intruder, if it exists.

Although today it is not very common for our Internet connection to be stolen because practically everyone already has their own, it is convenient from time to time to check the list of devices connected to our router.


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