10 quick tricks to improve the speed of your WiFi instantly


Obtaining the best Internet connection not only has to do with the operator that we have contracted, but also with the situation of our router, the number of devices that we have connected to the network, the cables that we are using or that someone is stealing our own Wi-Fi.

And before you blame your fiber operator, you should do a series of checks that could make you speed up your Internet connection in an amazingly easy way.

They are a series of methods that you should use, at least whenever you see a considerable reduction in the speed of the Wifi in your home, and that will only require a few minutes.

And it is that sometimes, we have our worst enemy in our own home, and it has nothing to do with the fiber operator that we sometimes criticize so much.

10 quick tricks to improve the speed of your WiFi instantly

Understand what you have hired

Sometimes we demand much more than what we have contracted, so check your contract, and check if you have fiber, and if so, the upload and download speed.

Perhaps you initially purchased a basic plan that can’t keep up with all the devices you have connected at home, so it would be a good idea to upgrade the plan.

checking speed

There are many programs on the net, including the one offered by your operator, in which you can check the speed of your InternetWe especially recommend the one in OOKLA but you can use any other that you consider appropriate.

That will give you an idea of ​​the Connection that you have both upload and download in case it does not correspond to what you have contracted.

restart the router

Although it is advisable to have the router always on, like any other electronic device, sometimes a good restart is good to have a more stable connection.

So just turn off the router, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on, and wait a few minutes for all the lights to come back on.

Check that all the lights are green, and specifically the WiFi one blinking.

Choose a good location for your router

If we have put the router in an inappropriate place in our house, it will not reach a good WiFi connection.

That is why it is convenient that our router is in a central area, especially in the living room, and that there are as few walls as possible towards the main devices.

Consider a mesh network for multiple devices

Thanks to mesh connections we can improve connectivity between all the devices we have, although speed can sometimes be affected.

The best thing is that these networks can handle simultaneous connections more efficiently.

So consider upgrading to a mesh system if you have a lot of devices at home.

check all cables

It is likely that one of the cables or connectors is not fully seated, or is in poor condition.

So check all the cables, not only the one from the router to your main device, but also from the modem that the operator installed in the wall to the router that you have located in the central point of your house.

Verify that you do not have intruders

Although it is already unlikely because practically everyone already has Internet connectionbefore it was common for us to have intruders who took advantage of our connection.

You can enter the configuration of your router with the necessary credentials, something that they put on your own router on a sticker, and check all the connections that are active on your Internet.

If you find a device you don’t recognize, you could literally kick it out and even block it from reconnecting.

Switch to a less crowded channel

Bottlenecks can form when there are too many connections which slows down the bandwidth.

Depending on your router and carrier, you may be able to switch to a different channel to see if it’s less crowded.

To do this, you must once again access the general configuration of the router, and look for the appropriate option so that you can change the channel, but we already warned you that not all operators or all routers allow you to carry out this step.

A tip if you use a VPN

If you are under a virtual private network that, as you well know, adds a layer of encryption to the connections between your devices and the servers, it may be that, depending on the subscription you have, the speed may be slower.

In addition, these types of services, at certain times, can have congestion, so that is why you should get high-quality VPN networks so as not to see the speed with which you are finally browsing diminished.

Look for malware

Thanks to current operating systems such as Windows 11, it is extremely easy to search for malware without having to hire an external antivirus.

So access the Windows antivirus or any antivirus you have installed, and regularly look for malware in case it may be affecting your network connection because there are some that even steal resources.


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